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Voice & Data

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At The Kenton Group, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable voice and data solutions to our customers. We are recognised as a leading provider of voice and data solutions to the industry. Our experienced team specialises in the supply of solutions that enable routed data, VoIP, and application services. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality services to our customers around the world.

Our team has extensive experience in volume provisioning of fully configured equipment to the end-users of service provider customers worldwide. Our solutions span SIP trunking, ISDN migration, internet access, VPN termination, network management, SLA enforcement, and a variety of other value-added applications.

At The Kenton Group, we understand the importance of efficiency and ease-of-use when it comes to deploying technology solutions. That’s why we have created the Kenton Provisioning Portal from the ground up. It allows almost any technology to be volume deployed to end customers with little or no intervention or field configuration required. In addition to product configuration, customer-specific accessories, guides, and cables can be added to packaging during the provisioning process. Automatic linkages can optionally be created between the KDV Provisioning Portal and customer ordering systems to further streamline the fulfilment process.

We also offer a full suite of support options, from advanced replacement to full fix SLAs in almost any location. Using The Kenton Group’s Network Operation Centre, live network monitoring can also be provided on a 24x7x365 basis. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your solutions are always up and running, so you can focus on growing your business.

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With our multi-service switches and routers, you can maintain your legacy TDM services over new packet networks, allowing seamless migration to next-gen communications.

RAD’s DXC-5 enables a seamless migration to next-generation operational networks. It provides multiservice, high-capacity core and edge aggregation over TDM, hybrid and all-packet transport. 

Megaplex: Next-Generation Multi-Service core and edge aggregation

The RAD Megaplex family is widely deployed by service providers, enterprises, and utility companies to streamline and optimise their network access infrastructure, especially in scenarios requiring the convergence of multiple legacy services and networks.

The Megaplex platforms empower organisations to efficiently manage their diverse network needs while reducing costs and ensuring high-quality service delivery by offering flexibility, scalability, and advanced service transport capabilities.

A compact, highly reliable multiservice access node that transports analog and TDM traffic originating from legacy circuit-switched devices over packet switched networks (PSNs).

Combine multiple data streams into a single transmission line to improve network efficiency and reduce costs.

Routers, Gateways and Session Border Controllers

One526 VoIP Router

Explore our range of voice and data routers and gateways designed to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our product solutions provide the ability to extend the use of legacy equipment over different interfaces and newer technologies. From media interface converters for both voice and data to VoIP Routers/Gateways and Session Border Controllers.

You can learn more about our Routers and Gateways here.

Line and Alarm Isolators

Discover The Kenton Group’s Line Isolation equipment range, designed to protect your network from power surges and electrical interference.
Our Line Isolators are the perfect solution for applications where ground loops or voltage transients can cause interference or damage to sensitive equipment. Our isolators use advanced transformer technology to isolate the signal and protect your equipment from harmful surges and spikes. With a wide range of configurations and performance specifications, our Line Isolators are ideal for various applications, including industrial automation, process control, and telecommunications.

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