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Fibre & Optical

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Innovative and flexible optical networking solutions and devices

To deal with the constant and ever-growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services and applications, providers and businesses today require simple, cost-effective and scalable networking solutions. Solutions that cater for their current traffic requirements yet can quickly and cost-effectively flex, enabling additional capacity as demand for services and bandwidth continues to rise.

Our solution portfolio can help you maximise the capacity and reach of your fibre through innovative, high-performance and cost-effective solutions. Highly scalable for small and large-scale network deployments, we offer full-featured tools/solutions supporting VoIP, Data and Video services.

Combining these solutions with Kenton’s service & support program enables customers to reduce time to deployment (often, this is time to revenue), minimise common mistakes/configuration issues, and allow a full suite of extended support options post-sale.

Pluggable Transceivers
Fibre Transceiver

We supply fibre optical transceivers compatible with the vast majority of equipment vendors in the market and optics certified by most leading equipment vendors.

These include:
  • SFP
  • SFP+
  • XFP
  • CFP
  • QSFP
  • QSFP28

Find out more about our pluggable fibre transceivers.

Optical Transport Networks
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We supply a complete range of technologies offering many benefits to optical networks, including increased capacity, distance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and compatibility.

Find out more about our Optical Transport Network solutions, including  CWDM and DWDM products.

Fibre Termination
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Fibre Termination
Our selection of Fibre Termination products offers many benefits, including improved signal quality, reduced downtime, scalability, compatibility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Find out more about our fibre termination products.

Fibre Routers & Gateways
Genesis Pure ED504
Fibre Routers and Gateways
We supply a range of critical components of modern computer networks and are essential for businesses and organisations that require high-speed, reliable, and secure data communication.

Find out more about our fibre routers and gateways.

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