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Your Home Small Business Enterprise

Your network, your way: Rewrite the rules

Stop worrying, start thriving. Enterprise-grade security, consumer-grade ease. Powered by AI, built for affordability.

Powerful, yet simple!

Audra is a networking company that provides cybersecurity solutions for businesses and homes. They offer a variety of products, including firewalls, SD-WAN solutions, and home security systems. Audra’s products are designed to be easy to use and affordable, and they are backed by a team of experts who can provide support and training.

Audra Homeshield

Unleash peace of mind with Audra HomeShield – the powerful, yet easy-to-use security guard for your home network.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simple setup: Download the user-friendly app and follow the easy instructions.
  2. Connect your devices: Add all your connected devices to the network.
  3. Set your rules: Choose from pre-set filters or customise access for each device.
  4. Rest assured: The AI takes over, continuously monitoring and protecting your network.

Experience the ultimate security solution for your modern home. 

Find out more about Audra HomeShield.

Audra Business Security

Stop worrying about network security – let Audra take care of it.

Built specifically for small and medium businesses (SMBs), Audra Business eliminates the complexity of network security. We’ve perfected the formula based on experience with thousands of SMBs, delivering the right features, intuitive controls, and remote management. No more IT headaches!

No IT skills required, just peace of mind. Find out more about Audra Business Security – your easy button for cybersecurity.

Audra SD-WAN

In today’s global landscape, multi-branch companies need agility, not clunky SD-WAN. Audra steps in as a game-changer, offering a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-native solutions for ultimate flexibility.

Effortless control, Iron-clad security, Unmatched flexibility

Find out more about the Audra Secure SD-WAN.

Audra Enterprise Security

Unify and simplify your enterprise security with Audra Enterprise.

Gone are the days of complex, multi-point security solutions. Audra Enterprise seamlessly integrates a powerful cloud firewall, robust on-premise gateway, and user-friendly management portal.

Say goodbye to security complexity and hello to unified protection with Audra Enterprise.

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