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Wireless Broadband

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Our proven complementary mixture of best-in-breed technologies and expert knowledge enables a truly flexible engagement model, delivering support when needed.

Kenton’s portfolio of products and consulting experience enables clients to address many challenges, including:

  • extending traditional networks where laying fibre is cost-prohibitive.
  • quickly expand coverage to new customers-either in an already served area or new areas.
  • delivery of high-speed broadband access for transportation and metro networks.
  • enabling campus-wide high-density, high-speed internet services for educational and/or sporting venues.
  • rapid response deployment capabilities for high speed reliable multi-service operations for blue light and military applications.

We have many years of experience working with clients, including Private Businesses, Rail, Education, Utilities, Government, and more.

RAD’s Airmux-400 series of point-to-point broadband wireless radios deliver native Ethernet and TDM services over a single wireless link in various sub-6 GHz frequencies. With a flexible combination of Ethernet and up to 16 E1/T1 interfaces, the high-capacity Airmux-400 radio systems provide aggregated throughput of up to 750 Mbps and a range of up to 120 km (75 miles).

Find out more about the Airmux-400.

RAD’s Airmux-5000 point-to-multipoint broadband wireless radios are the ideal wireless solution for business users demanding high-capacity throughput with dedicated traffic bandwidth allocation and service level agreement (SLA) per customer.

Find our more about the Airmux-5000.

The IP-20 wireless transport platform accommodates various needs in different scenarios while maintaining availability and security at the highest standards.

At the heart of the solution is a unique Multicore chipset, specifically designed for advanced wireless backhaul operations enabling owners/operators to continuously increase operational efficiency and provide a better Quality of Experience to customers/users.

Find out more about the Ceragon IP-20.

Ceragon’s strategic and unique 5G network deployment approach overcomes the wireless transport challenges associated with 5G – from macro cells to small cells across urban and rural areas.

The IP-50 platform, an innovative Layer 2 and Layer 3 disaggregated solution, as well a wireless backhaul solutions, incorporates products and services, enabling operators to increase operational efficiency.

Find out more about the Ceragon IP-50.

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