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Fiber In Motion Solutions

Disaggregated Wireless Transport Platform

Ceragon’s strategic and unique 5G network deployment approach overcomes the wireless transport challenges associated with 5G – from macro cells to small cells across urban and rural areas. The IP-50 platform, an innovative Layer 2 and Layer 3 disaggregated solution, as well as a wireless backhaul solution, incorporates products and services enabling operators to increase operational efficiency by:
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enhancing Subscriber Quality of Experience by enabling innovative high-performance Services
  • Optimising network performance and reducing time-to-market, which leads to faster market share, corresponding revenue gains and high ROIs

Overcome the challenges associated with 5G – from macro cells to small cells across both urban and rural areas.

The IP-50FX leverages software and hardware disaggregation to create an ultra-scalable platform that integrates open hardware, best-of-breed network operating system (NOS) software, and Ceragon’s Radio-Aware Open Networking (RAON) software.

IP-50E and IP-50C radios can be connected to the IP-50FX, providing a full wireless transport solution with large radio groups using Layer 1 Link Bonding. These configurations can be deployed at tail or aggregation sites. They are fully compatible with SDN-based transport architecture, which provides performance, operational, and cost advantages. It accelerates the ability to take advantage of innovation by quickly deploying future features, new SW flavours, and more.

IP50E 50C LEFT sm opt

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Key Take Aways


frequency reuse (IP-50C)


upgrade – utilise existing link in conjunction with the IP-50E with Layer 1 carrier Bonding


tower load and shelter space with 4+0 configuration in all-outdoor (IP-50C)


space diversity (IP-50C)

FibeAir IP-50

IP50E 50C LEFT sm opt
IP5 50E
IP50E 50C LEFT sm opt
IP 50S

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