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Actelis networking solutions unlock the hidden value in essential industrial, commercial and community networks, providing efficient, safe connectivity for rapid deployment.


Modernize. Digitize. Protect.

Actelis Networks is the market leader in high-performance broadband over hybrid fibre-copper networks. It has specially designed hardened industrial IoT solutions that enable high-speed, highly reliable and innately secure communications for federal, state and local government, ITS, military, utility and rail.

Actelis service provider solutions support enterprise connectivity to the cloud, residential IPTV, and mobile and WiFi backhaul. Actelis’ broad portfolio of aggregation switches, high-density Ethernet devices, reach extenders, and media converters incorporate its advanced patented technology over fibre, enhanced xDSL, and power over Ethernet/DSL to help its customers expand and extend, modernise, digitise and protect their existing and newly built fibre infrastructure.

Smart Systems - Traffic / Rail / Utilities / City

Actelis smart networking solutions provide system-wide connectivity, regardless of distance or geography. Gigabit-class performance demanded by modern information sources enables intelligent, responsive actions with peace of mind that comes from Actelis’s reliability, resilience, cutting-edge encryption and multi-level network redundancy for always-on availability.

Connect high-performance devices over existing or new fibre to enable fast, intelligent decision-making & long-term planning. By leveraging existing infrastructure, you can reduce the total cost of ownership and still implement state-of-the-art security and multi-level network resiliency. 

By adopting Actelis market-leading Intelligent Traffic Networking Solutions, you know you are getting:

  • High-speed smart data & high definition video communications
  • Actelis hybrid fibre-copper to cover the world’s largest urban areas
  • Providing fast, network-wide monitoring/control of IP & existing IoT devices
  • Unparalleled level of information for time-critical decision-making
  • Fastest deployment time and largest cost savings
  • Experience with more than 350 cities and traffic systems
  • Secure, reliable, resilient communications with built-in failover
  • Help to modernise your network at minimal implementation delay and cost
Large cities to small towns are benefiting from high-speed broadband connectivity enabled by Actelis Networks’ Ethernet over copper-bonded solutions.
XR239 Repeater
ML748 Carrier Ethernet
ML2300 Aggregation Switch
ML2300 Aggregation Switch

IoT Sites & Campuses & Military

Industrial, commercial and educational campuses and large-scale facilities all share common challenges that constrain their IoT deployment:

  • Connectivity to new & legacy devices, often through interfaces predating IP
  • Gigabit-grade performance for data, video and voice over hybrid networks of new fibre, existing copper and coax at minimised cost
  • Mitigating Cybersecurity vulnerabilities caused by cloud computing
  • Monitor, control and power all connected devices including at hard-to-reach locations and too-costly-to-reach via fibre
  • Connectivity to large numbers of IoT devices at a high cost
  • Mission-critical resiliency and availability

Actelis’ networking solutions solve these challenges accelerating IoT deployment and creating a responsive, intelligent & secure ecosystem. Providing immediate fulfilment of IoT’s potential.

Actelis’ hybrid fibre-copper solutions modernise, digitise, and enable connection of legacy & new IoT devices at gigabit-grade speeds, providing trusted communications with cutting-edge Cybersecurity whilst minimising implementation delay and cost for large-scale coverage. In addition, Actelis’ solutions can enable network-wide remote power over existing infrastructure whilst ensuring mission-critical reliability/resilience and automated fail-over.

Business Ethernet

Actelis solutions solve rapidly evolving inter-related challenges, all linked by the need for secure, high bandwidth connectivity:
  • The Cloud: Migration to connected, multi-cloud & distributed workflows
  • Cybersecurity: Protection needed from attacks on perimeter-less networks
  • Covid: Business/sales/commerce online from any location
  • Government Initiatives: Ultra-fast Internet for all with limited budget
Actelis’ test Hybrid fibre-copper networking solutions connect new high-speed secure Ethernet services to millions of businesses. These are ideal for connecting single and multi-tenant business locations using multi-gigabit fibre in the backbone and access networks to provide unprecedented performance & immediate connection in remote areas. Thereby, extending the reach, stability and security for distributed workforces and enhancing the user experience. Actelis helps create instant “virtual business campuses” for distributed workforces wherever they are located.
XR239 Repeater
ML748 Carrier Ethernet
ML2300 Aggregation Switch
ML2300 Aggregation Switch

Residential Broadband

Actelis hybrid fibre-copper networking solutions multiply the value of government initiatives bringing connectivity to millions of remote locations.

  • Government Initiatives: Fast Internet for all at minimal cost.
  • Providing Consistent Services: Where there is no common infrastructure
  • Covid: Quality Internet to billions of unserved/under-served people is critical
  • Organised Cybercrime: Home and home-workers highly vulnerable

Actelis Networks Residential Broadband Solutions give service providers a more efficient and cost-effective way to roll out higher speed xDSL broadband access and triple play services to a much larger number of customers. Fully leveraging their installed fibre and DSL equipment base, Actelis can extend DSL services by 50-100% greater distance and boost bandwidth rates by as much as 300%. Capitalising on the abundance of installed infrastructure to enable instant coverage reaching 100% of customers with no one left behind, provide a great user experience with gigabit-grade performance for streaming, e-commerce, online video calls, gaming and remote working, whilst being responsive and secure.

Actelis’ innovative Broadband Amplifiers (BBA) and EFM over Copper portfolio allow operators to increase the reach and rate of DSL services significantly, quickly and easily. Expanding the size of the serving area for DSLAMs from any vendor and reducing the number of small DSLAMs deployed closer to customers reduces the number of locations requiring backhaul while providing a more efficient means to backhaul the additional DSLAMs that are still required.

Contact us for more information.

Actelis Broadband Accelerator for Residential Broadband Services


Actelis enables service providers to reach further and faster for any or all Mobile, Wi-Fi and DSLAM backhaul needs. Use Actelis hybrid fibre-copper network solutions to offer secure delivery of information from all connected devices. It provides gigabit speeds over existing copper for 5G small cell deployment mitigating the massive cost of fibre installation.

Actelis 3G/4G/5G Small Cell Backhaul Network Solutions reduce time & cost to market for small cell builds. Delivering MEF-Compliant Carrier Ethernet Services at gigabit speeds matching that of the needs of small-cells.

The Actelis WiFi Backhaul solution enables fast, secure data transmission for Wi-Fi networks throughout the Metro area providing city wide coverage beyond normal fibre footprint. This is provided at gigabit speeds, performance securely and with resilience and integrates with all other Actelis solutions such as IoT.

Actelis DSLAM Backhaul Solutions give providers faster, simpler, low-cost increased backhaul capacity for new and existing DSLAMs. They enable:

  • New and smaller DSLAMs to be located closer to customers, where distance and installation of new fibre make the business case difficult to make.
  • High-speed connectivity where cost and line of site issues make microwave impracticable.
  • DSLAM backhaul solutions using the latest cybersecurity innovations.
  • Simplified, automated remote control and zero-touch provisioning, streamlined operations, performance and fault management.
XR239 Repeater
ML748 Carrier Ethernet
ML2300 Aggregation Switch
ML2300 Aggregation Switch

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