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Modernize. Digitise. Protect.

Actelis Networks accelerates the expansion of connected devices and systems by maximising the infrastructure already existing in the network. Their cyber and temperature hardened solutions can be deployed in just hours and save clients a tremendous amount of money on construction and engineering, enabling and extending Gigabit network connectivity even to very remote and hard to reach locations.

Maximizing Your Existing Network Infrastructure for Faster Broadband and IoT Deployments

Actelis’ solutions are utilised in over 40 countries and have been deployed for a wide variety of networking applications including intelligent transportation systems, smart rail systems, utilities monitoring, military base modernisation, residential and business broadband, and more.

MDU Connectivity

Instant Broadband Connectivity Within Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

The deployment of high-speed broadband connectivity for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) has traditionally been extremely challenging due to the high cost and time required to implement fibre throughout an existing building.

Extend Your Reach Within MDUs

Forget rewiring!

Most buildings already have telephone lines (twisted pairs) and often coax running throughout, reaching each unit. Actelis takes advantage of this existing infrastructure to seamlessly deliver fibre-grade connectivity throughout the building.

Gigaline 900

Actelis GL916
Compact, ultra-low power, intelligent PON/Gigabit fiber extender/splitter
  • Gigabit speeds over existing copper or coax
  • Big savings – no need to rewire the building to get Gigabit connectivity
  • Simple installation – can be deployed in an hour
  • Ultra-low power consumption – 95% power savings vs competitive solutions

Campus Connectivity

Upgrade Your Campus Connectivity Using Your Existing Infrastructure

Planning an IoT upgrade within your industrial, commercial, or educational campus? Actelis helps you accelerate project deployment while saving you a tremendous amount of money by utilising your existing network infrastructure.

Instant, Fibre-Grade Connectivity Across Your Campus​

Unleash the power of multi-gigabit speeds!

Actelis products make it easy to extend your existing fibre and copper networks, reaching buildings and IoT devices without complex installations.

Gigaline 800

Multi-Gigabit fibre extension over existing wiring, connecting campus buildings, apartments, barracks, medical facilities and more
  • Up to 5Gbps covering 300 meters and 1Gbps covering 900 meters over existing twisted pair
  • Big savings – get fibre-grade connectivity to areas where fibre deployment is not cost effective
  • Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi-Point solution
  • Ultra-secure 256-bit MACsec encryption helps keep your network safe from attacks

Intelligent Traffic Connectivity

Don’t wait for increased Safety & Better Traffic Flow

Connect more traffic devices INSTANTLY!

Accelerate your traffic management upgrade projects with instant, secure Gigabit connectivity using your existing infrastructure. The Actelis solution gets the most from your existing fiber or copper wiring, enabling immediate connectivity to intersections and along highways.

Connect your Traffic Management System
over a Hybrid Fibre-Copper Network

Upgrade Traffic Management Now: Faster, Cheaper, Easier

Actelis delivers instant, secure Gigabit connectivity using your existing infrastructure. Leverage your existing fibre or copper wiring to connect intersections and highways immediately, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to new fibre installation. Connect 10 times more locations within budget and slash project timelines by months.

MetaLIGHT 680D

ML680DF ISO 3 27 2023 lower res
10 Port. Optional PoE++
and MACsec Encryption
  • 10/100/1000Base-T: 8 Ports (RJ45)
  • 100/1000Base-FX: 2 Ports (SFP)
  • Power Over Ethernet (optional): up to 2 ports
  • 256 MACsec encryption (optional)
  • Temperature Hardened
  • Managed
  • 10/100/1000Base-T: 10 Ports (RJ45)
  • 100/1000Base-FX: 4 Ports (SFP)
  • Power Over Ethernet (optional): up to 8 ports
  • Temperature Hardened
  • Managed

MetaLIGHT 5114Dx

ML5114D Vertical Iso 150 DPI
14 Port, Optional PoE

MetaLIGHT 684D

ML680DF ISO 3 27 2023 lower res
8 Port Hybrid Fibre-Copper Switch
  • 10/100/1000Base-T: 6 Ports (RJ45)
  • 100/1000Base-FX: 2 Ports (SFP)
  • Number of copper pairs: 4
  • Power Over Ethernet: up to 2 ports
  • 256 MACsec encryption (optional)
  • Temperature Hardened
  • Managed

Fibre Optic Solutions

Extend your Fibre reach with a flexible range of fibre switches

Conquer any climate. Actelis’ Fibre Optic Switches are built to handle harsh environments, ensuring your expanding IoT network stays connected.

Features include: Cyber-hardened data protection, high port density, 10G interfaces and PoE++

  • 100/1000BT: 12 Ports
  • 4 additional 1G or 10G ports
  • Power Over Ethernet: up to 8 ports
  • Temperature Hardened
  • Managed

GigaLine 5030

GL5030X 8J4F P2
12 Port, 10G Interfaces

GigaLine 6030

GL6030 24J4F P
28 Port, 10G interfaces
  • 10/100/1000Base-T: upto 24 Ports (RJ45)
  • Upto 4 10GE SFP Ports
  • Power Over Ethernet: up to 24 ports
  • 256 MACsec encryption (optional)
  • Temperature Hardened


  • 100/1000BT: 16 Ports
  • 4 addition 1G or 10G ports
  • Power Over Ethernet: up to 16 ports
  • Temperature Hardened

GigaLine 5060

GL5060X 16J4F P
20 Port, 10G, PoE++<br/

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