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Comtrend designs, develop and manufactures market-leading telecommunication and networking products for residential and business users worldwide. Comtrend’s networking products include switches, Powerline adapters, wireless access points, and residential broadband gateways.

Comtrend 385

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Comtrend was founded in 1990 and sells products through wholesale distributors and value-added resellers. 

Comtrend and the many different DSL Technologies they provide have become stable partners to hundreds of service providers worldwide. Comtrend’s broadband gateways have maintained the lead. Today, whether a customer is connected via fibre, cable, satellite, or DSL, a Comtrend gateway will facilitate the fastest connections while integrating TR-069 manageability. This software technology serves as the backbone to all tiers of service providers, allowing the management of tens of thousands of customer premises equipment.

Comtrend is committed to a vision of bringing people together through technology and continues to realise this vision through a focus on innovation and superior service. The company’s greatest triumph has been its ability to attract, retain, and develop talented professionals from all around the world.

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GFR 9511u
GFR-9511u is a G.Fast (fallback VDLS2/ADSL2+) IAD using the BCM…
VDSL2 Router/Modem

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