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OneAccess Launches LTE Enabled Multi-Service Access Router Platform

Purpose-designed router platform enables operators to strengthen business continuity offerings with bonded LTE link as bandwidth-hungry Cloud applications continue to increase data loads on the WAN

22 September 2014 – OneAccess, a global provider of multi-service access routers, has today launched an integrated LTE/4G router platform that enables telecom operators, Cloud and managed communication service providers to add LTE connectivity to the growing list of access technologies they can integrate on the multi-path WANs of SMB and enterprise customers.

Once installed on the customer premises, the One1540-4G router also provides a single, centrally managed application delivery platform over which service providers and operators can deliver bundles of revenue-generating managed network services which enhance the performance of the WAN, guarantee network availability and raise the Quality of Experience delivered by the customer’s critical Cloud applications infrastructure.

Enabling operators to deliver a bonded LTE link on the WAN ensures they can maintain continuous availability of business-critical applications as bandwidth-hungry Cloud-based applications continue to force increasing volumes of data over the network. The One1540-4G is particularly well-suited to healthcare, hospitality and retail environments where a consistently high-performing network is a pre-requisite for optimal daily operations.

By effecting a seamless and automatic failover to LTE, together with an automated return to the primary link once the principal fixed connection is restored, the One1540-4G enables service providers to extend their business continuity commitments to cover peak traffic periods when failover to legacy cellular standards, such as 3G or HSPA+, could risk performance degradation from overloading the network. By bolstering this service with an LTE link, service providers can be assured of uninterrupted performance and, by extending the terms of their SLA guarantees, establish competitive differentiation.

“Unlike larger vendors, we work with operators directly and collaboratively to design and manufacture multi-service access solutions suited to their specific requirements,” comments Pravin Mirchandani, Chief Marketing Officer, OneAccess. “By providing a bonded LTE WAN link operators can harness the new cellular standard to beef up their business continuity offering, for example, or increase the performance of their customers’ Cloud applications infrastructure by using the LTE link to load balance the network.

“We have purpose-designed the One1540-4G to enable operators to think laterally about how they can extend their network service delivery to customers. Operators can, for example, use this solution with customers that require a super fast connection but have yet to install a fibre link. By deploying a One1540-4G they can immediately deliver a high-bandwidth LTE link of up to 150Mbp/s which will automatically switch over to a fibre link when cabling is completed, retaining the LTE link as a best-of-breed business continuity failover.

Across its portfolio of branch office and mid-range access solutions, OneAccess supports the widest number of access technology combinations available on the market. The addition of LTE connectivity reflects the company’s commitment to supporting telecom operators and service providers with cost-effective and purpose-designed equipment.

OneAccess’ carrier-class routers and EADs enable operators to ‘mass-customise’ their network access capabilities, installing the same access platforms with all customers, but provisioning only the services required by each. This means they can centralise IT control, minimise the need for costly site visits and implement remote service updates across multiple customers simultaneously.

By making substantial TCO reductions, OneAccess’ solutions can alleviate the pressures operators are facing globally due to increased competition, higher customer expectations, exponential increases in data volumes and reduced ARPU.

About OneAccess
OneAccess designs, develops and markets innovative router platforms for the profitable delivery of CPE-based managed network services for communication service providers (CSPs). Its multi-service access routers and Carrier Ethernet devices are designed to ensure service continuity and a high quality of experience for managed broadband and wireless data and voice services targeted at enterprise customers. OneAccess service-delivery platforms align with the current and future deployment and operating models of service providers by optimising the delivery of managed Cloud services and migration to SDN architectures. OneAccess CPE platforms are used by more than 110 communication service providers internationally, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. With a global presence that includes North America, Europe and Asia, OneAccess, a private company, was incorporated in 2001.

The Kenton Group are a distributor of OneAccess products. For more information on The Kenton Group’s products and services contact +44(0)1322 552000 or email info@thekentongroup.com

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