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Transition Networks Launches Scorpion-USBâ„¢ Ethernet Adapters Enabling Tablet, Laptop, Thin Client Connectivity for Fibre-Optic Networks

Minneapolis, MN — September 9, 2014 — Transition Networks Inc., the fibre access technology expert, a wholly owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-GM: JCS), today announced the new Scorpion-USB™ Ethernet Adapter designed as a USB-to-Ethernet over fibre network adapter, to enable organisations with extensive fibre-optic network infrastructure to easily connect their tablets, laptops or other computers directly to their fibre-optic network ports.

This product was developed by Transition Networks for companies, universities and government agencies that have extensive fibre optic networks that make it difficult to adopt tablet and thin client computers. Many of these installations are in high-security environments where wireless communication cannot be used. Other organisations anticipate high levels of streaming video and want a wired connection to offload this traffic from the wireless network. Initial interest in the product has been high with the military, government research facilities and with universities.

There are three models of the Scorpion-USBâ„¢ Adapter that all feature a type-A USB 2.0 port for computer connections and a variety of 100 Mbps fibre optic ports for network connectivity. The fibre port options include a fixed SC connector, a fixed LC connector, and an open SFP port, designed to accept any MSA compliant SFP module to match transmission distance requirements. All models are powered from the USB port without the need for an external power supply.

“Operating a fibre-optic network has always meant having great security and bandwidth, but it comes with the challenge of flexible connectivity for new devices. We believe our Scorpion-USB™ Ethernet Adapter provides a much-needed solution to this issue,“ said Tom Savard, Vice President of Product and Technology Development at Transition Networks. “The highly desirable plug-and-play design means this product is simple and easy to use.”

The Scorpion-USB’s plug-and-play capability makes it very easy to install the driver, set it up, and create an EMI-secure data connection over fibre between a USB port and a 100 Mbps Ethernet port on a fibre switch.

Other key features include:

  • USB 2.0 type-A connector
  • No external power supply needed (powered through USB connection)
  • Advanced power save mode (for extended battery life)
  • Two models with multimode SC or LC connectors
  • One model with Open sliSFP fibre port for flexibility
  • LEDs that indicate USB speed / activity / fibre link
  • Drivers for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.10 and Linux

About Transition Networks Inc.
Transition Networks, Inc. is an industry leader with over 25 years of experience designing fibre integration products that deliver the security and reliability for today’s networks while future-proofing for tomorrow as well. Offering support for multiple protocols, any interface, and a multitude of hardware platforms, including Hardened Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet, CWDM, 1G/10G Ethernet, SFPs, PoE and PoE+, Transition Networks gives you the power to deliver and manage traffic reliably over fibre in any data network – in any application – in any environment. Based in Minneapolis, Transition Networks distributes hardware-based connectivity solutions exclusively through a network of resellers in 50 countries. Transition Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc., a publicly traded company (NASDAQ-GM: JCS).

The Kenton Group are a distributor of Transition Networks products. For more information on The Kenton Group’s products and services contact +44(0)1322 552000 or email info@thekentongroup.com

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