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Smartoptics -SO-CFP-ER4

CFP 100GE ER4|OTU4|1310nm|SM|40km

The SO-CSFP-1000BASE-BX20D-53-O2 is a CSFP (Compact SFP) transceiver where both ports are bi-directional| i.e. providing



  • Hot pluggable CFP| CFP2| CFP4 form factor
  • 40| 100G Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital Diagnostics


Transceiver modules in industry standard Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) form factor designed for optical communication applications compliant to 40 and 100GBase IEEE 802.3ae standard. They are designed to meet the harshest temperature| humidity and EMI operating conditions. They are suited to 40 and 100G Ethernet data center applications from the bottom of the rack to top of rack and rack to rack.

Can be used with Smartoptics transponder and M-Series platforms to combine multiple channels and transmit them over extended distances between multiple sites on a dark fiber network.

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