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Supercharged Enterprise Security with Audra's AI

Seamless detection and prevention, coupled with enhanced networking and policy settings. Centralised, cloud-controlled system.
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Giving you back control for
your enterprise security

Leave all your cyber-security worries to Audra Enterprise. Converging enhanced networking and robust firewall, you are in-charge of your security ecosystem.

Cloud-based console

Audra's cloud console orchestrates and delivers policy and setting configurations across all gateway appliances

Robust web-filtering

Powerful web-filtering technique, equipped with cloud AI - ensuring security and control to protect the network from advanced threats

DNS security

Seamless declaration of valid interfaces to receive DNS queries and protection from DNS spoofing and bogus DNS queries

Advanced networking

Supports VLAN with 802.1Q, static and dynamic routing including OSPF, EBGP and IBGP - allowing optimal flexibility for the administrator

Malware & attack defence

Malware blocking and DDoS attack prevention mechanisms based on machine learning and AI-driven solutions

Policy-based routing

Enabling flexible packet routing based on specified policies, for traffic flows such as priority traffic over a high-cost link

Secured VPN tunneling

IPsec site-to-site secured VPN for business-critical information exchange, resource sharing and centralised management

Stateful firewall

Maximum security and confidentiality of enterprise data and resources via stateful firewall features

BW and QoS management

Group-wise bandwidth and port-based application QoS management, to support productivity and priority services

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Unify and simplify your enterprise security with Audra Enterprise.

Gone are the days of complex, multi-point security solutions. Audra Enterprise seamlessly integrates a powerful cloud firewall, robust on-premise gateway, and user-friendly management portal. This unified approach gives you:


  • Centralised control: Manage all your network security from a single, cloud-based dashboard. No more juggling complex interfaces or scattered tools.
  • AI-powered protection: Machine learning and artificial intelligence analyse and block threats in real-time, freeing up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.


  • Effortless policy management: Quickly create, update, and enforce security policies across your entire network with just a few clicks. Instant synchronisation ensures seamless implementation.
  • Optimised performance: Our segregated control and data plane architecture maximises efficiency and network speed, ensuring peak performance even during heavy traffic.
  • Industry-leading protocol: Audra’s proprietary cloud communication protocol delivers unparalleled performance and reliability, keeping your network safe and secure.

Say goodbye to security complexity and hello to unified protection with Audra Enterprise. Contact us today and see the difference.

Enterprises adopt Audra as a partner

ICEP logo
iCEP Sdn. Bhd.
I’m in full control of my office network with Audra Enterprise. I’ve compared with multiple solutions for ensuring full-proof security of our business where Audra matches them all.
InfraAssure logo
InfraAssure IT Ltd.
I love the policy-based routing feature where I can apply flexible packet routing for traffic flows to have encrypted connectivity across multiple branches.
Prasetia logo
Prasetia Dwidharma Group
The simple yet in-depth reporting and analytics portal gives me full control to see what’s happening around different networks and helps to take action immediately.
Vemax logo
Vemax technologies Limited
We’re working with Audra Enterprise for a long time. The security robustness it has is amazing compared to other firewalls that we’re working with.

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