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Increase Network Capacity during COVID-19 by implementing Alien Wavelength

In amongst COVID-19 lock-down, when the vast majority of businesses as well as schools and educational institutions have moved to on-line operation, increased capacity is a requirement.

Is your optical network ready for this overwhelming increased demand?
We can already see an increasing requirement for bandwidth, coupled with demand for short upgrade time of network capacity for answering these pressing needs.

You can increase your capacity, and quickly, by implementing Alien Wavelength.

A higher capacity wavelength that will allow you to expand your existing backbone.

These cost effective solutions will allow you to meet the increased demand fast. PacketLight Networks offers alien wavelength solutions to increase capacity in existing networks. The DWDM/OTN solutions are vendor-agnostic, with fast and easy deployment, enabling almost instant results to meet the increased demand we are currently facing.

Read more on these solutions by downloading the below White Paper:

For a more visual informative approach, this video offers detailed explanation on how increased wavelength works:

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