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16/ 32G Fibre Channel

Today, 32G Fibre Channel is the traffic protocol of choice for SANs (storage area networking). The ability to synchronously replicate corporate data between data centres is key to the successful implementation of an Active/Active data centre for private cloud. But for distributed SAN’s 32G longer distance interfaces have not been technically available.

With the introduction to Gen 6 switches the current norm is 32G FC for single connections up to 10KM. In order to future proof or provide complete business continuity you may need to extend these multiple Inter System Links (ISL’s) over longer distances.

SmartOptics DCP-M open line systems are fully automated and optimised to enable up to 40ch of 16/32Gb Fibre Channel and up to 100Gb Ethernet. The DCP-M40 can run a mixed protocol environment supporting 8/16/32G FC up to 100km. It will also be able to run normal 10G, 25G, 40G traffic, and 100G PAM4 but this lowers the range from 80km to 55km. 


4/8/16/32G FC interfaces over time


Qualifying Questions for Brocade Users:

What about support in GEN 4 switches?

8G-ER-Dxxx-BR1 and 8G-ZR-Cxx-BR1 are approved in most GEN 4 switches.

8G-ZR-Dxxx-BR1 is NOT approved and will not work as GEN 4 switches do not get FOS 8 update

How do I connect a new GEN 6 switch to an existing GEN 4 or GEN 5 switch with 8G DWDM optics?

GEN 6 switches do NOT support any 8G transceivers!

Use 16G-ER-Dxxx-BR2 in GEN 6 switch and configure the port to run at fix 8G FC speed.

How do I upgrade an existing CWDM link with 16G FC?

Use channels 1530/1550nm with 16G DWDM transceiver (up to 2x 16G)

Add DWDM muxes on CWDM channels 1530/1550nm (up to 26x 16G)

Add T-3038 C/DWDM splitter and DWDM solution (up to 40x 16G, additional loss for all CWDM channels)

Replace CWDM with DWDM solution

Why should I use 16G DWDM when 8G CWDM is sufficient for my application today?

On short links: 16G ER is the cheaper option (compared to 8G ZR CWDM, Brocade has not approved 8G ER CWDM)

Double bandwidth for only 23% higher cost (1x 16G ER saves 38% compared to 2x 8G ER)

Investment protection: Future migration to GEN 6 switches will NOT work with 8G SFPs

Ready for 100G (100G not available for CWDM)

More wavelength capacity for future expansion

Transition to 32G Long Range and approvals for Cisco and Brocade


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