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Press Release: The Kenton Group announces Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate of Compliance Achieved

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The Kenton Group are proud to announce that this month it has achieved certification from Cyber Essentials Plus, and therefore is recognised as dedicated to cyber security. The business as a whole complies with the government-back cyber security standard, offering reassurance to both customers and colleagues alike. 

The Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate of Compliance Explained

The rate at which crime related to cyber-related activities is increasing. And as such, is becoming a paramount concern for UK businesses. 

Cyber Essentials is an official UK wide, government-backed certification that helps companies guard against the most common cyber threats and reduce business risk by at least 80%. 

Encouraging UK businesses to adopt good practice in information security, Cyber Essentials identifies the security controls a business must have established within their internal IT systems. This is in order to demonstrate managing cyber security effectively and mitigating the risk from internet-based threats. 

The process of auditing a business to establish certification involves a CyberSmart qualified auditor conducting an assessment to test that the correct controls are established and in place. Alongside this, an in-depth audit of the security of the business is evaluated. 

The Kenton Group attained the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation through the QG Management Standards, one of four accreditation bodies specified and appointed by the UK Government, who also specialise in accreditations for standards such as ISO 9000.

The Cyber Essentials Plus Certification is an increased level of accreditation, being the highest level of certification. This certification is awarded by means of an independent assessment of the business security controls and processes. As a result of its external verification measures, the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate is often deemed as the most reliable certification. 

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified – Demonstrating Dedication to Cyber Security

certificate of compliance cyber essentials plus

Cyber Essentials concentrates on protection of data and programs on networks, computers, servers, and other elements of an IT infrastructure. 

This becomes particularly important when looking at risk management within a supply chain. Cyber Essentials is a prescriptive standard, and therefore provides confidence and assurance that the business has applied the five individual controls that are part of the standard requirement.

Cyber Essentials certification is often mandated throughout a supply chain regardless of ISO27001 certification.

These policies and procedures are put into place to demonstrate The Kenton Group’s commitment to protecting not only our own data, but that of our clients. Maintaining a pro-active approach to cyber security is a value crucial to The Kenton Group. 

John Larkin, MD for the Kenton Group, comments:

“Given everything going on in the world, linked to the Coronavirus outbreak and recent news surrounding scams and attacks on social media sites/apps. It is with great pleasure that The Kenton Group are pleased to announce that we have passed our Cyber Essentials Certification for second year running” John Larkin, Managing Director at The Kenton Group.

Whilst working in a secure and safe digital environment, The Kenton Group can undertake Government contracts under the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification; as these contracts often require the handling of private and personal data which needs to be managed under the proper practice. 

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