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RAD: SecurityGateway

Optimized Solution for Secure Aggregation of Industrial IoT and VPN Traffic

SecurityGateway provides a small form‑factor, yet powerful and cost‑effective solution for aggregating traffic from multiple SecFlow devices in remote IIoT sites. It is ideal for distributed automation in secondary substations, smart meter concentration, water resources management, and smart retail.

VPN Aggregator, Router and Firewall

SecurityGateway is a significant building block of RAD’s Industrial IoT solution, serving as a state-of-the-art VPN aggregation appliance.
In the fast-growing market of IIoT and the need for secured communication, SecurityGateway provides a small form-factor yet powerful and cost-effective solution for aggregating multiple remote sites.

SecurityGateway interoperates only with RAD’s SecFlow product line.

SecurityGateway aggregates multiple VPNs from remote SecFlow devices and addresses Industrial IoT applications, for example:

  • Distributed automation in secondary substations
  • Smart meter concentration
  • Water resources management
  • Smart retail.

SecurityGateway is usually located behind the organisational firewall. It may also serve as a WAN gateway, depending on the customer’s needs.


Key Take Aways


VPN and routing capabilities

Enhanced security

support reduces the number of network elements and simplifies operations


by the RADview system


form factor

Industrial IoT Backhaul Demo

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