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TKG Launch Pioneering BET Technology for not-spots

The Kenton Group launch pioneering long reach broadband technology.

Network access specialist The Kenton Group has today announced the launch of its breakthrough Broadband Enabling Technology (BET) – the UK’s, and possibly the world’s, longest reaching broadband technology which doubles signal strength.

Operators can now use the pioneering technology to help bring broadband to homes currently in previously unreachable broadband ‘not-spots’ and deliver to the 1.5million UK households with low bandwidth up to a 2Mbps connection.

“BET is a truly innovative and unique solution not only in the UK but globally,” said John Larkin, managing director of TKG. “We are very excited by what its launch means for the future of broadband and providing services to previously inaccessible customers.”

Whilst broadband coverage of the UK currently stands at 99.6 percent, there are still some 160,000 homes without access. With it long reach, however, BET enables such homes – denied of access to due being in ‘not-spots’ such as rural areas or in locations outside of a local telephone exchange’s normal 5km reach limit – can now enjoy a good broadband connection. Those users with low bandwidth can also benefit from higher speed connections.

BET works by amplifying the broadband signal from around 5km to 12km using existing 1 or 2 pair copper cables, enabling users to receive the same level of service as other households positioned closer to an exchange.

The solution comprises a three-box solution with a BET card installed at the telephone exchange, a remote unit in the street cabinet and a Network Terminating Unit in the premises. It is through these that the originating signals are converted, transmitted, boosted and converted back to ADSL, the standard format that all other broadband customers have access to.

Oliver Johnson, CEO of leading global industry analysts Point Topic, said: “After a year in which the Broadband Forum announced the passing of the 500 million lines landmark, The Kenton Group in a position to make a real difference to the availability of broadband and improve available bandwidths. We welcome BET and will be keeping a close eye on the interest it receives from operators and how they choose to adopt it, particularly as the drive continues for broadband to reach more challenging, remote areas to meet targets for Europe penetration.”
The Kenton Group has designed BET as a solution that can be tailored and adapted to service providers’ exacting requirements and it can be used for connection with any ISP.

About The Kenton Group 
The Kenton Group delivers network access, demarcation and connection products and solutions for carriers, operators, service providers, enterprise and government throughout the UK and EMEA. Offering bespoke development for organisations’ unique requirements, either via its specialist in-house development team, building products to required specification or utilising best in breed technology from its partners. TKG strives to deliver access network growth through innovation and partnerships.

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