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Vapor IO streamlines edge network deployment with Smartoptics’ open line system

Oslo, Norway – February 18, 2021 – Smartoptics, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, announced today that US-based Vapor IO has chosen Smartoptics’ open line networking solutions to streamline deployment and management of its edge networks. The new solution is based on Smartoptics’ DCP-M open line system for low-latency, scalable and low cost-100G connectivity.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge® platform addresses challenges at the network edge by bringing applications and services closer to users. Vapor IO is actively deploying its Kinetic Edge architecture in 36 major US metro areas to support the rollout of 5G and the next generation of applications. To support this rapid rate of expansion, Vapor IO chose the Smartoptics for its optical edge networks. The Smartoptics products are fast and easy to deploy in edge environments and deliver high-performance optical networking that supports Vapor IO’s mission to eliminate latency between user and application.

The Smartoptics DCP-M 8 channel DWDM open line system offers intelligent automation features like automatic power balancing and automated dispersion compensation, which make it ideal for remote operation in Vapor IO’s lights-out edge environments. The Smartoptics solution is easy and cost-effective to manage. Its embedded optics and broad switch compatibility enable significantly faster installation times while giving Vapor IO the ability to grow bandwidth as needed in the future.

“We are building out our next-generation Kinetic Edge network in many locations across the US simultaneously, and time is of the essence. With the Smartoptics solution, our team does not need to spend precious time on manual tasks like individually tuning for any changes to the span and attenuating links. We have been impressed with how quickly we got the Smartoptics system up and running with high degrees of automation. We see a bright future for Smartoptics solutions in the edge networks of tomorrow where even lower latency will be critical to the adoption of groundbreaking technologies like autonomous driving,” says Frank Basso, VP of Technical Operations at Vapor IO.

“The substantial improvements in scalability and deployment times that Vapor IO has seen with our DCP-M open line system demonstrate the success of our strong focus on ease of use and automation. The solution’s low latency and embedded approach are also key differentiators for expanding edge network providers like Vapor. At Smartoptics, we are proud to support Vapor IO’s next-gen edge network infrastructure that will unleash the full potential of 5G and transform society,” says Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO of Smartoptics.

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