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Kenton Group Limited

Modernize. Digitise. Protect.

Actelis Networks accelerates the expansion of connected devices and systems by maximising the infrastructure already existing in the network. Their cyber and temperature hardened solutions can be deployed in just hours and save clients a tremendous amount of money on construction and engineering, enabling and extending Gigabit network connectivity even to very remote and hard to reach locations.

Maximizing Your Existing Network Infrastructure for Faster Broadband and IoT Deployments

Actelis’ solutions are utilised in over 40 countries and have been deployed for a wide variety of networking applications including intelligent transportation systems, smart rail systems, utilities monitoring, military base modernisation, residential and business broadband, and more.

Market leaders Actelis Networks is the market leader and innovator in high performance Fiber-Copper Hybrid networks.

Actelis Networks offer solutions for:

  • Residential Broadband
  • Business Ethernet
  • Backhaul Mobile, WiFi, DSLAMs
  • Industrial Transportation, Surveillance, Government

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