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Raisecom IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

On April 20th, 2017 Raisecom Technology Co., Ltd. held its Initial Public Offering on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code: 603803). The offering ceremony was attended by over 200 people, including Beijing Haidian District deputy head, Mr.Wang Weiming, head of Haidian District Economy and Information Technology Office, Mr. He Jianwu, deputy head of Financial Services Office of Haidian District, Mr. Yu Hong, chairman of Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Kefeng, and other esteemed governmental authorities, as well as company shareholders, customers, suppliers and partners.

Company chairman Mr. Gao Lei addressed the ceremony on behalf of Raisecom. The chairman of Investment Banking Division in Chinese Merchant Securities (CMS) & general manager, Mr. Yu Mingli spoke on behalf of brokers and intermediary agencies. Haidian District deputy head Mr. Wang Weiming also delivered a speech on behalf of the municipal government.

At 9:30 am, Mr. Wang Weiming, Mr. Gao Lei, and Mr. Yu Mingli together sounded the brass gong mounted in the central hall of Shanghai Stock Exchanges, thus announcing the start of Raisecom initial stock offering.

At the beginning of ceremony, Mr. Gao Lei spoke about the future of the company:

“At this festive time we need to acknowledge a bigger responsibility that we accepted by holding an IPO. We shall continue to adhere to our “integrated access and comprehensive network management” approach, and maintain sustainable innovation of technologies, products, and solutions, with focus on improving customers’ success. We shall strive to achieve fast growth and bring prosperity to our shareholders.
We welcome and encourage criticism and guidance from Shanghai Stock Exchange representatives, stock supervising committee, and leaders on all levels. We firmly believe that Raisecom will achieve more outstanding business performance, repay our investors and the community.”

Mr. Wang Weiming expressed great expectations for Raisecom in his speech:

“As one of the leaders in domestic optical fibre access market Raisecom should seize this hard-won opportunity and use company’s strong foundation to increase investments in R&D, accelerate project implementation, expand innovations and industrial development, and enhance brand recognition. Beijing Haidian District is looking forward to Raisecom’s increasing contribution to our district”.

Raisecom’s initial stock offering was 56.8 million shares, with a starting price of 13.72 yuan per share. The company was able to raise 779 million yuan. By holding the IPO, Raisecom has further strengthened its capital structure. The new funds will help strength and expand the company’s market presence as well as increase comprehensive competitiveness, and the ability to withstand market shocks.

The invaluable experience in integrated access accumulated by Raisecom over the years will allow the company to successfully overcome the challenges of emerging technologies such as IoT and cloud computing. Currently Raisecom’s applications attain significant market share across over 3000 types of products that meet a wide variety of customer requirements. Raisecom is known for its flexibility in responding to market demands by providing easily customisable products and solutions.

In terms of industrial access, Raisecom has been granted with the network access license. It meets procurement requirements of the Top 3 telecommunication operators China Broadcast & Television Network (CBTN), and other customers. Some products have passed International certificates, such as CE, ROHS, KEMA, and UL. In domestic market, Raisecom has local offices in 23 key cities, holding a leading position among Chinese domestic access equipment manufacturers. With several wholly-owned subsidiaries and service agencies, Raisecom has built up business with telecommunication operators, broadcast and television operators, power system, and transportation field in U.S., India, Russia, South America, Europe, Africa, and other countries and regions. Its brand value and influence continue to expand. China Mobile, China Telecom, Chinese Unicom, CBTN, National Grid headquarters, some provinces, and municipalities have been long-term partners and customers of Raisecom.

Raisecom’s funds are earmarked for three main areas of development. The first is intelligent packet network industrialisation. The goal is to create an “intelligent pipeline” and provide integrated business solutions, which will enable telecom and broadcast & television operators to achieve real unified access capabilities. The second area is Unified communication value-added operation solution and product industrialisation project, which will address the integration of ICT networks for government offices and enterprises. The third area is intelligent industrial access IoT. With an increase in IoT-based industrial connections, Raisecom is working to provide the “last mile” solution for IoT access and fix IoT industrialised access environments.

Over the next three years, Raisecom will strive to expand services and its market based on enterprise comprehensive access of telecom operators. With the help of years of accumulation in this field, Raisecom will further expand the business scope, income, and profitability. At the same time, Raisecom will expand into new business fields, such as IoT and Industry 4.0. The company expects to successfully capitalise on years of technological development and experience in order to become a significant player in the emerging markets of IoT and Industry 4.0 as a provider of basic network technology services.

The Kenton Group are a distributor of Raisecom products and solutions. For more information contact us today on +44(0)1322 552000 or email us.

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