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Universal Customer Premises Equipment

The Hardware on which Virtualization is Built

The uCPE or white box is the hardware on which the virtualisation solution is built. It provides the resources for computation, storage and networking. Ekinops adopts an entirely open approach for the support of these x86-based platforms. Ekinops markets its hardware series under OVP (Open Virtualization Platform).

Reduce your footprint with Ekinops

Key Take Aways


Supporting multi-vendor uCPEs


Validation and benchmarking program, Pre-integrated OVP solution


Large installed base

Meet the family

OneAccess - OVP

Optimised networking hardware family, the OVP series lays the foundation for hosting, chaining and managing certified VNFs and reduces the number of physical appliances at the customer premises. The OVP Series is based on standard x86 white box CPE hardware. The software is hosted within a standard Linux environment.

  • Powerful – Excellent price/performance ratio, True service consolidation platforms.
  • Simple – Choice in the number of cores, ports for connectivity, and wire speed.
  • Optimised – Perfect integration with the OneOS6-LIM software Local Infrastructure Manager.

OVP 4xx Series

A powerful yet cost-effective uCPE. With both copper and SFP-based Ethernet connectivity, encryption acceleration technology based on QAT and TPM for optimal security.


A powerful CPU with a large number of network connections. The Intel Xeon-D1518 CPU incorporates 4 CPU cores, serving 8 processing threads. As many as 11 Gigabit Ethernet ports are available to build an advanced networking service.

Dell - Virtual Edge Platform

Ekinops is an authorised reseller and service partner for Dell.

Ekinops also offers hardware and OneOS6-LIM software support for the Dell VEP (Virtual Edge Platform) series. The models VEP14x5 and VEP4600 are all perfectly integrated with the OneOS6-LIM. With applications for the Service Provider Edge and Enterprise Branch.

Dell - VEP14x5 Series

The VEP14x5 series is a cost-effective solution for hosting SD-WAN and other VNFs like routing, firewall or deep packet inspection. There are three models of the VEP14x5 series: VEP1425 (4 cores), VEP1445 (8 cores), and VEP1485 (16 cores)

Dell VEP4600

The VEP4600 is a 1U-sized rack mountable uCPE, ideal for hosting SD-WAN and other VNFs. The VEP4600 provides high performance and necessary headroom for hosting VNF services. Ekinops markets and supports different device configurations, which support 16 CPU threads (8 CPU cores) or 32 CPU threads (16 CPU cores).

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