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Line Filter VF
24 Channel

24 Channel Line Conditioner

The MOD22014 is a 24 channel VF Line Conditioner for interfacing VF ports on telecommunications equipment to telecoms circuits running in close proximity to the electrified rail infrastructure. The Line Conditioner is designed to be used with the Cisco VG350 voice gateway to offer the performance requirements of NR/L2/TEL/30003. Other variants of the Line Conditioner may be used with other COTS equipment on circuits running in environments with high electrical interference.
Compact construction in a 19″ 1U chassis with direct telecom connectors (RJ21) to host equipment and MDF.

Approval Reference
(Provisional) PA05/06527

Kenton Line Filter VF
Line Filter VF
24 Channel Line Conditioner

Key Take Aways


no configuration required


host equipment to operate within Network Rail’s NR/L2/TEL/30003e.


can be used on: FXS, FXO, 2 or 4 wire E & M

Space Saving

compact 19” x 1U mounting


Low insertion loss / ring attenuation.

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