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Actelis: PFU-8D Power Feeding Unit

Actelis’ new XR239 EFM Repeaters are remotely powered from a PFU-8D Power Feeding Unit. While feeding a span from a single side, Actelis’ PFU-8D supplies power to up to 4 repeaters across 8 pairs for a total of 16 repeaters.

The PFU-8D can also feed spans from both sides (dual-side feeding), doubling the number of repeaters per span and, as a result, the total reach of the span.

Remote Power to EFM Repeaters

The PFU-8D offers improved performance and is designed to support future single-side Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) functionality for further enhancing the XR239 links rate and reach performance.

The PFU-8D is UL and NEBS Level 3 approved, meeting the most stringent carrier environmental and safety requirements. The PFU units can be attached to any Actelis ML600 system feeding up to 8 loops and to any MLU-32 or MLU-64 front or rear access-based system (ML2300, ML230 ML130, ML1300) with the ability to concatenate up to 16 PFU-8 units (feeding up to 128 loops) per system.

PFU-8C Power Unit
PFU-8C Power Unit

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