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Actelis: ML62xD Industrial Ethernet Extender and Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch and Extender

The ML62xD Industrial Ethernet Switches and Extenders from Actelis are small form factor Add-Drop units extending the delivery of up to 20 Mbps of symmetrical high-speed Ethernet services over existing copper infrastructure.

Up to 20Mbps ethernet over an 
existing copper infrastructure

Designed for Industrial, utility and traffic applications, The ML62xD family includes ML622D and ML624D. ML624D takes in four copper pairs and allows them to be split into two directions, (2+2) east and west. This allows multiple nodes to be connected over copper in a linear chain, RSTP/STP mesh or ring configuration. Each node has full switching capabilities and can drop and add Ethernet traffic at each location while transferring the rest of the traffic through. ML622D offers similar capabilities: two copper pairs split into two HSLs east/west (1+1) or can support a single HSL – two pairs enabling up to 20 Mbps.

The ML62xD, similar to the ML684D, offers minimal factor and DIN rail mounting for flexible deployment within utilities, traffic and industrial cabinets. With its superior performance, extensive functionality, high robustness and reliability, the ML62xD Ethernet switch offers rapid service delivery and allows for better utilisation of the existing network infrastructure.

ML624D Ethernet Extender
ML624D Ethernet Extender

Key Take Aways

High Reliability

Environmentally hardened, redundant power supplies, extended temperature.


comprehensive mechanisms that include high level authentication and advanced encryption capabilities


Industry-standard Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certification.

The ML62xD is a hardened and robust Ethernet switch with redundant power inputs designed for deployment in harsh environments. It complies with NEMA 4 extended temperature requirements and K.20/K.21/K.45 for extended protection against overvoltages and over-currents.


  • Support for two High-Speed Copper Links
  • Small form factor, no fan, DIN railing
  • Environmentally hardened
  • Enhanced Security – Low vulnerability to hacking
  • IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) 2Base-TL Solution
  • Rapid Service Deployment
  • Superior Rate, Reach & Reliability
  • Low Delay and Jitter for Voice and Video Transmission
  • Worldwide Spectral Compliance
  • FCC, UL, CE, NEMA 4

Quick Specs

  • Ultra-compact All-In-One Industrial Ethernet switch and Extender
  • Extending – Up to 20 Mbps (symmetrical Ethernet) over bonded copper
  • 2 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces
  • Fits into space-constrained cabinets, DIN rails
  • Single Power Inputs
  • Environmentally hardened, -400 to +750C, fanless operation
  • Flexible Topologies:
  • Drop-and-Continue, Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multi-Point
  • Very low power, AC/DC options
  • Actelis’ patented EFMplus technology for industry-leading performance
  • MEF-compliant services with advanced SLAs
  • Ease of installation and deployment with advanced copper
    troubleshooting tools
  • Management suite, including MetaASSIST EMS, easy-to-use GUI, SNMP & IBM Tivoli Software (Netcool Integration)

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