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Actelis: ML510Dx Industrial Gigabit Switch

Highest Density, Compact, Din Rail, Fiber Gigabit Switches and Extenders

The Actelis Networks ML510D product line offers cost-efficient, compact, hardened, high-density Ethernet switches. ML510Da flexible platforms support drop and continue, as well as linear and fast healing ring topologies complementing Actelis’ ML68xDx hybrid Fibre Copper solutions. ML510D offers up to 14 x 1Gbps interfaces and is an ideal solution for various private enterprises, intelligent traffic networks, Utilities, Military and service provider applications. With its superior density, environmental hardening, small form factor and fanless DIN rail mount design, the ML510D devices can be installed almost anywhere.

High reliability and trouble-free operation.

Actelis ML510D offers an all-embracing level of security initiating from the physical layer through switching and up to the management and access layers. This gives you a significantly strong and resilient solution enabling transmissions with the highest level of immunity and notably lower vulnerability to hacking attempts.

Environmentally hardened with redundant power inputs and featuring a robust, field-proven design, the unit is NEMA 4 extended temperature compliant and protected against over voltage and current conditions, ensuring high reliability and trouble-free operation.


Key Take Aways

High Reliability

Environmentally hardened, redundant power supplies, extended temperature.


Communicates with any standard Ethernet switch router or hub.


Enhanced security from the physical layer through switching up to management.

The ML510D provides 802.1q VLAN-aware wire-speed bridging, double tagging (VLAN stacking) for end-user VLAN transparency, L2 (Ethernet priority) classification with eight queues per port, fast healing rings, MSTP/RSTP/STP, Dynamic Link Aggregation, bandwidth monitoring, Multicast/Broadcast limiting, as well as IGMP bandwidth snooping for video distribution applications. Its 14 1Gbps Ethernet interfaces can cost-effectively transport data from multiple data networking devices, video cameras, wireless radios, and other IP devices to be connected at each location.

The ML5114DP supports 8 PoE ports, including 2 x 30/60 and; 6 x 30W. These interfaces can enable power and data connectivity to cameras, sensors etc.


The ML10D is ideal for many applications, including:

  • Telemetry
  • IP-based Traffic Controllers
  • Smart Grid Sensors
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • HD Video Cameras & Streaming
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Smart Parking
  • Emergency Response
  • Supports & Complements City Wi-Fi Access

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