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Fibre Routers and Gateways

Welcome to Kenton Group, your destination for cutting-edge networking solutions. Check out our latest Fibre Routers and Gateways, powered by our strategic partners: Genexis, DZS, Ekinops, and Comtrend. Genexis’ not only has great green credentials but they ensure top-notch internet speeds and seamless connectivity, giving your customers online experience a radical upgrade.
  • DZS brings heaps of experience in advanced fibre access solutions, delivering high-performance routers for businesses and homes.
  • Ekinops optimises network efficiency and scalability with their savvy optical transport and access solutions.
  • Comtrend, a real trailblazer in networking technology, offers state-of-the-art routers and gateways for reliable connectivity at home and office.

With this powerful alliance, Kenton Group sets new standards in the world of networking. Experience the future of networking with us and our trusted partners Genexis, DZS, Ekinops, and Comtrend.

Dasan Zhone DZS

DZS offers a comprehensive and complete line of WiFi 6 gateways and access points with DZS Xperience and carrier-grade performance.  

Take your operations to the next level with end-to-end vendor agnostic network automation for broadband access, mobile, optical and home edge.

Looking for a Voice & Data Router?

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Eventually it is all about getting that WiFi signal to the tablet, computer, smart TV, etc. That is where the end-user experiences the fiber broadband in his or her home. It is also the first thing you hear when it does not work. So providing your end-user with quality WiFi is key for satisfied customers.

With our residential gateways you can deliver your customers what you promise; quality WiFi. The designs are stylish and compact, making it a device that can be placed everywhere without ruining the home decoration.

Check out how our residential gateways fit your fibre-to-the-home deployment.

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