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XR239 & PFU-8


The XR239 EFM Repeater is the first repeater for 2Base-TL Ethernet in the First Mile systems. Used with Carrier Ethernet over Copper equipment, the repeater extends the reach of high capacity Ethernet to cover over 98% of loop lengths. Repeaters can be linked together and used to extend the reach of Carrier Ethernet over Copper services over 12 miles (20km). The repeaters are fully standard and spectrally compliant.

The XR239 EFM Repeater extends the reach of Carrier Ethernet over Copper by regenerating the signal up to 8 times between the carrier CO and subscriber CPE, compliant with global and regional spectral requirements and IEEE 802.3ah EFM standards. EFM plus delivers 5.7 per pair for over a mile. Repeaters enable the full 5.7 Mbps per pair or a full 45 Mbps per 8 pairs for over 10 miles (50kft/15km).

The EFM Repeater is remotely powered from a power-feeding unit. PFU-8 can supply power to up to 4 repeaters spans, across 8 pairs, for a total of 15 repeaters. Should additional repeater spans be required, a second PFU-8 can be installed at the remote end of the link, providing power for an additional 4 repeaters, for a total of 9 spans. The PFU-8 is UL and NEBS level-3 approved and meets the most stringent carrier environmental and safety requirements.

The XR239 can be housed in a MOD10724 repeater enclosure, which has additional high voltage line protection built in and screw removals for ease of installation. The MOD10724 rugged metal enclosure also has LED indicators for the network and customer.

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