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Smartoptics -SO-CFP2-QSFP28-3M


The SO-CFP2-QSFP28-xM and SO-CFP2-QSFP28-xM-2 are active Direct Attach Cable (DAC) coax solutions for 100G Ethernet and OTN. It is intended for rack interconnect between equipment having CFP2 and QSFP28 ports. Both are provided in lengths from 1 to 3 meters (3.3 to 9.8 ft).

The thickness of the cable is defined by the AWG (American Wire Gauge) rating value. The SO-CFP2-QSFP28-xM uses AWG30 rated cables.

The SO-CFP2-QSFP28-xM-2 version has Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) function in both transmit and receive direction while the SO-CFP2-QSFP28-xM has a CDR function in the receive direction only.

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The SO-CSFP-1000BASE-BX20D-53-O2 is a CSFP (Compact SFP) transceiver where both ports are bi-directional| i.e. providing

CFP2 to QSFP28 DAC 3m

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