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The ML700 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) from Actelis Networks® are the first and only line of EADs in the market that deliver up to 420 Mbps of bandwidth with extended reach using standard EFM bonding over 4 or 8 copper pairs by utilising DMT (ADSL2/2+ and VDSL2) technology. The ML700 family of EADs delivers the longest reach with the greatest reliability and the most cost-effective solution for high-bandwidth DSLAM and next-generation Mobile Backhaul (HSPA+ and LTE) applications.

In addition to best-in-class rate and reach capabilities, the ML700 EADs offer the highest link resilience and best-in-class customer Quality of Experience (QoE) through its unique implementation of SRA (Seamless Rate Adaptation) and Impulse Noise Protection (INP), and complying with G.inp for unsurpassed bonded-link reliability. All ML700 EADs are hardened and compact devices.

The ML700 provides the option of bonding up to 8 copper pairs, and can be deployed back-to-back in a Point-to-Point topology. It offers a fully standards compliant multimode DMT (ADSL2+/VDSL2) chipset and supports various profiles for VDSL2 and a variety of PSDs, ensuring country specific spectral regulations.

All ML700 EADs provide 802.1q VLAN-aware wire-speed bridging, double tagging (VLAN stacking) for end-user VLAN transparency, L2, L3 and L4 classification with eight traffic classes, RSTP/STP, bandwidth monitoring, and Multicast/Broadcast limiting.

The ML700 line of EADs is fully compliant with the MEF 9, 14 and 18 specifications. The ML700 enables flexible service provisioning using Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) with flexible mapping and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities to maximise the efficiency of access bandwidth. The ML700 complies with IEEE Y.1731 for monitoring and enforcing Service Level Agreements (SLAs). When multiple services are offered on the same link, SLAs can be monitored and enforced for each service, in compliance with MEF 10 standard, allowing reliable aggregation of multiple services on the same Ethernet access link.

Actelis Networks’ award-winning EFMplusTM technology, combined with multi-standard auto selecting DMT scheme (ADSL2/2+/VDSL2), provides the industry’s best rate, reach and reliability. Actelis’ fast, resilient calibration coordinates all modems and balances SNR margins across all modems in the High Speed Link (HSL) to ensure optimal performance and highest reliability.

The ML700 EADs provide proactive and dynamic tools for enhanced trouble shooting and monitoring capabilities. Advanced Carrier-class EFM OAM, including 802.3ah, CFM (802.1ag) and Y.1731 (ITU), are incorporated, offering both physical link as well as service level end-to-end advanced troubleshooting mechanisms.

The ML700 EADs can be managed In and Out-of-Band by the Actelis’ MetaASSISTTM View and via the multi-platform Element Management System, MetaASSIST EMS. The management protocols include standard command line interface and SNMP using standard MIBs for seamless integration with third-party Network Management Systems (NMS).

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