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Line Isolating Unit 202A


All devices, installations and systems can now be reliably protected with economical solutions from Kenton Design & Technology.

The Line Isolating Unit 202A provides high voltage galvanic isolation of transmission lines with DSL/Broadband services or active equipment installed upon them.

The LIU202A is one of a series of Din Rail mounted surge protectors that are designed to protect your sensitive datacom, telephone and instrumentation equipment against harmful lightening surges and electrical transients.

The isolator may be used on ADSL2+, HDSL, SDSL, SHDSL and SHDSL.bis service lines providing isolation to “hot” sites such as high voltage electricity sub-stations that are subject to a rise of earth potential, or for the protection of transmission equipment from the flashover and static discharge.

Line Isolating Unit 202A

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