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PacketLight Networks PL-2000ADS Delivers 200G Capacity and Embedded Encryption for Short Haul and Encryption Applications

PacketLight Networks, a leading provider of DWDM and optical fibre networking solutions, today launched the PL-2000ADS, a 200G 1U multi-protocol multi-rate ADM/muxponder/transponder for short haul and encryption applications. The solution provides enterprises and data centres with modular, cost-effective high transport capacity of up to 200G by aggregating 10G/40G/100G Ethernet, 8G/16G/32G FC, STM64/OC192, OTU2/2e and OTU4 into dual 100G OTU4 uplinks. PL-2000ADS reduces overall cost and operational expenditure through its low power consumption and rack space savings.

The PL-2000ADS can also function as a standalone 200G Layer-1 encryption solution, allowing enterprises with a DWDM network to benefit without altering their infrastructure. The product complies with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security requirements, and provides GCM-AES-256 bit encryption and key exchange based on the Diffie-Hellman (DH) protocol, without compromising performance.

“Next generation optical transport solutions call for higher capacity, better performance and powerful encryption while meeting tight budgets,” says Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight Networks. “The PL-2000ADS exceeds this high standard with an integrated ultra-low cost 100G connectivity solution for short haul applications of up to 40km links. Its versatility allows the solution to fit multiple applications and client services, enabling seamless migration to future protocol and rate requirements without replacing the unit. PacketLight PL-2000ADS moves forward from the initial 100G for long haul and metro applications, and delivers an innovative 100G solution for short haul, campuses, and access networks.”

The PL-2000ADS is ideal for short haul 100G connectivity and Layer-1 encryption such as:

  • Last mile access/aggregation CPE for 10G/40G/100G managed service
  • High capacity, short haul enterprise, and campus networks
  • Dynamic add/drop of services in ring and linear add/drop topologies
  • Feeder solution to third party OTU4 transponder card
  • Up to 200G Layer-1 encryption solution for 10G/40G/100G service
  • High bandwidth connectivity for data centre and cloud computing

About PacketLight Networks:

PacketLight Networks offers a suite of leading 1U metro and long haul CWDM/DWDM and OTN solutions, as well as Layer-1 optical encryption, for transport of data, voice, and video applications, over dark fibre and WDM networks. PacketLight Products are distinguished by providing the entire optical layer transport solution within a highly integrated compact platform. PacketLight‘s products are designed to enable maximum flexibility as well as ease of maintenance and operation, and provide real pay-as-you-grow architecture, while keeping costs down and maintaining a high level of reliability.

The Kenton Group are a distributor of PacketLight products. For more information on products and solutions contact +44(0)1322 552000 or email sales@thekentongroup.com

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