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DZS Expresse

Gain a Clear View of Customer’s Broadband Connections

Monitor, identify, diagnose, and fix network problems with DZS AI-based intelligent recommendation engine. Building on expertise from managing well over a hundred million lines, Expresse integrates with network and business processes to take the right actions and deliver the best possible customer Quality of Experience.

Key Expresse Features

Expresse helps ISPs meet the demands of their customers by delivering the best possible broadband quality of experience, improving customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and reducing support costs.

Key CloudCheck Advantages

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Complete Visibility Across Your Entire Network

DZS patented, layered structure, is designed to provide the best Wi-Fi performance. Continuously monitoring the Wi-Fi environment, adapting to environmental changes, while analysing historical data to provide policies that the system should follow for ideal optimisation.

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Diagnostics Engine

CloudCheck is used by customer care teams to help troubleshoot customer technical complaints through a rich set of analytics and diagnostic algorithms that provide complete visibility into the customer’s home and help pinpoint the underlying problem.

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Recommendation Engine

A CloudCheck-powered mobile app can be provided to customer giving them the ability to make network changes and limit internet access for children with the simple push of a button. More advanced customers can avoid contacting customer support and troubleshoot issues directly on their own, improving the customer experience and reducing support costs.

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Support for Multi-Vendor Environment

We provide you with the right tools to be able to see all the components of your network so you can quickly identify where problems are originating from. With a clear view of the network and diagnosis of the problem, Expresse reduces the percentage of times that a customer issue needs to be escalated by front-line technical support.


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IVR Integration

Quickly decide what to do when you get a call.

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Marketing Reports

Customer data usage and line capability reports help you upsell customers that could benefit from a higher level of service.


Support For The Latest Technology

Standard reports targeted for specific teams within your organisation used to measure the success of campaigns. These reports allow you to build a better understanding of your customers.


Access Via Northbound API or GUI

Provides a web-service based interface for full integration with the operator’s BSS/OSS Systems.

How it works

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Why DZS Expresse?

Multi-Vendor Support
Network Diagnostics
Recommendations Engine
Industry Standards Support

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