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Kenton and Pbxwall Partner to Fight Toll Fraud

London, 13 May 2013 – At a time when telecoms fraud continues to rise across the UK, network access specialist, The Kenton Group, and Pbxwall Limited have partnered to fight toll fraud, while empowering the value added resellers (VARs) of PBX systems to retain and gain customers by installing Pbxwall voice security solutions on their customers’ telephone systems. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that PBX fraud is costing British businesses in excess of £1 billon per annum (i), with it now listed in the top five countries of where fraud originates (ii).

Working collaboratively, Pbxwall Ltd and The Kenton Group, in-conjunction with the VAR community, will identify and stop criminals routing expensive telephone calls across TDM and SIP trunk lines by deploying Pbxwall across businesses in the UK. Pbxwall is an innovative anti-fraud technology that automatically blocks PBX hacking and eradicates the threat of toll/phone fraud. It is both carrier and PBX agnostic, blocking all fraudulent call activity without the need for engineering intervention, protecting the customer 24x7x365.

“As business communications and mobile applications evolve, so does the threat of the hacker, and unfortunately more and more businesses are falling victim to fraudulent activity,” says Paul Byrne, CEO of Pbxwall Limited. “Active features such as unified comms, voicemail, IVR’s, mobility, SIP account registration, call diverts and conference facilities, attract and enhance the overall possibilities for a criminal to illegally access a PBX system.

“Businesses need to take a proactive approach in defending themselves against threats and need to apply the same level of security to their telephony infrastructure as they do with their IT infrastructure. This could save significant amounts of money that comes with being a casualty of hacking and toll fraud. With our anti-fraud technology and The Kenton Group’s expertise in network access, we can offer an innovative and reliable solution that tackles crime at its core.”

Pbxwall does not depend on rules based configuration or integration to the PBX system to assist in the detection of fraudulent call activity. Continual live monitoring the active voice channels insures that Pbxwall automatically detects and blocks all fraudulent call traffic. The Kenton Group will distribute Pbxwall to VoIP carriers, service providers, VARs and enterprises across the country.

John Larkin, Managing Director at The Kenton Group says: “Pbxwall’s commitment to delivering innovative products, supported by The Kenton Group’s first-class customer service, presents a huge opportunity for us to tackle toll fraud head on. With the UK being in the top five of countries where toll fraud is on the increase, this partnership offers us a significant opportunity to continue to grow our business in the region.”

On a global scale, The Communications Fraud Control Association estimates that fraud loss has increased by 35% from 54-60 billion dollars in 2005, to 72-80 billion dollars in 2008, naming the top three fraud types as: subscription/identity theft (22bn dollars), compromised PBX/Voicemail systems (15bn dollars), Premium Rate Service Fraud (4.5bn dollars). World-wide, the PBX hacking element is estimated to be costing businesses in excess of 15 billion dollars annually. Clearly this criminal activity is on the increase and it needs to be stopped – PBXwall does exactly that.

For further information about The Kenton Group, visit https://www.thekentongroup.com//, or follow @thekentongroup on Twitter. To find out more about Pbxwall, go to http://www.pbxwall.com/index.html, or follow @Pbxwall.

About Pbxwall Limited

Pbxwall Limited, an Irish owned company that was founded in 2010 by Paul Byrne – CEO and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Our mission is to protect the enterprise from toll fraud and empower the value added resellers (VARs) of PBX systems to retain and gain customers by installing a Pbxwall on their customer’s voice network. Backed by our world class R&D division, we have developed the first anti-fraud system of its kind for real time detection and automated blocking of Toll Fraud.

About The Kenton Group

Kenton Design & Technology was established more than 30 years ago to offer research design and development of telecommunications products supporting various industry standards. Kenton Design & Technology is now part of The Kenton Group which delivers network access, demarcation and connection products and solutions for carriers, operators, service providers, enterprise and government throughout the UK and EMEA. Offering bespoke development for organisations’ unique requirements, either via its specialist in-house development team, building products to required specification or utilising best in breed technology from its partners. The Kenton Group strives to deliver access network growth through innovation and partnerships.

For media information please contact Dana Corson at dana.corson@proactive-pr.com or on +44 1636 812152 (office) or +44 7795 615466 (mobile).

Source i: The Telecommunications UK Fraud Form (TUFF)

Source ii: Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)

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