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Further, faster – Eseye adds 4G to HERA600 M2M Router Series

Guildford, UK, 2nd July 2015 – Eseye is excited to announce that it has added a 4G LTE variant to the HERA600 Series of M2M Routers – the HERA604.

The HERA604 has been specifically designed to ensure reliable connectivity, a prerequisite for business critical M2M applications. These include solutions around connected and automated payments, as seen in retail payment terminals, parking and pre-paid applications, such as electric vehicle charging, and mission critical applications in healthcare services and disaster recovery.

Just like its associated models, the HERA604 features a metal casing which is ideal for environments that call for rugged routers, and its small form factor is perfect for integration into larger connected products, such as vending machines, finance terminals, dispensers and fridges.
The HERA604 enables optimised use of mobile networks, using 4G when available and 3G when there is no 4G cover. The automatic rollover to 3G if the router is placed outside of 4G coverage areas improves its ability to connect to a network and thus the reliability of the solution. As a consequence, adoption of the 4G router is an excellent future proofing strategy at a time when in most countries the mobile networks do not yet cover 100% of the geography.

The HERA604 router provides for very high data rates, giving speed and reliability advantages for connected devices, machines, and other processes and assets. It supports four Ethernet ports and high-speed Wi-Fi, and, as is standard with the HERA600 Series, it features integrated SIM chips for added security and additional SIM slots for optional use.

Just like other Eseye router products, the HERA604 router can be remotely managed via Eseye’s or our customers’ own TR0.69 platform and connectivity management is supplied in the new SIAM R3.0 cloud based self-service portal. A further advantage the HERA604 shares with other Eseye hardware is that it is part of a one stop shop. Eseye supply both the connectivity and the hardware, meaning there is no risk of a solution’s implementation being delayed whilst multiple suppliers struggle to determine who is at fault.

Finally, the HERA600 Series now features a brand new optimised user GUI that is simple enough for non-technical staff to use for product configuration, enabling quicker installation. Should they still require support Eseye is always at the end of the telephone or email, ready to help via rapid response 24/7 Gold SLAs or, for less urgent requirements, Silver or standard Bronze SLAs.

“The HERA604 is the culmination of many man years of effort and I’m pleased to see that our lead customers are reporting it to be stable and performing well, which epitomises our commitment to innovation tailored specifically to global IoT deployments”, – Ian Marsden, Eseye CTO.

The Kenton Group are a partner of Eseye. For more information contact us on +44(0)1322 552000 or email us.

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