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Eseye Connects with The Kenton Group

The Kenton Group and Eseye are doing what they do best – making connections. We are pleased to announce that The Kenton Group has chosen to team up with unrivalled M2M solutions provider, Eseye.

After thirty years in the industry, The Kenton Group is one of the leading telecommunications companies that are always looking to improve their products. Their passion for connectivity is one of the reasons they have chosen to team up with Eseye, who will help maintain their unprecedented quality of service through creative M2M solutions. The Kenton Group will utilise Eseye’s strong technical expertise to continue with their high standard of service. Eseye’s M2M technologies will allow Kenton to offer a managed service delivering the same standard to the fixed line communication they currently offer.

Eseye’s CEO Julian Hardy on the partnership with Kenton, “Eseye opted to design and build its HERA600 router with reprogrammable AnyNetâ„¢ inside specifically to meet the needs of companies reliant on sensor technology by ensuring optimum security, reliability and flexibility. Designed with business continuity inside the HERA600 is the first made for M2M router than can be managed entirely over-the-air. I am delighted that having looked carefully at the market needs Kenton has made the decision to go with our Hera600 router as their product of choice for M2M. More and more companies are embarking on a connected device strategy and it’s driving a new era of devices and dramatically changing service propositions. Our partnership with Kenton will allow us to address this growing demand across a range of sectors and deliver the best combination of hardware and service.”

John Larkin, Managing Director at The Kenton Group says, “Eseye’s commitment to delivering innovative products, supported by The Kenton Group’s first-class customer service, presents a huge opportunity for us to provide leading M2M technologies, offering secure reliable communications wherever a customer’s solution needs to be.“

Eseye are proud to be supplying Kenton with reliable M2M solutions and as both companies are going from strength to strength, this connection is sure to be a good one.

For more information visit www.microtel.co.uk, contact us on +44(0)1322 552 000 or email enquiries@thekentongroup.com

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