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ADTRAN Transforms Cloud Management with First Unified Service for Wired and Wireless Networks

ProCloud service portfolio increases IT organisation’s ability to improve business efficiency and deliver best-in-class user experience

Mar. 16, 2015 – ADTRAN®, Inc., today announced the addition of cloud-managed switches to its ProCloudSM services portfolio. By integrating a cloud-based management platform with best-in-class services, ADTRAN provides businesses with a single pane of glass to optimise the management of wired and wireless networks. The enhanced ProCloud service portfolio enables companies of all sizes to rapidly expand their network to meet changing business needs.

Corporate networks are under tremendous strain as employee expectations for an “always on,” work-from-anywhere environment continues to grow. IT organisations need to easily integrate their wired and wireless networks in order to provide the level of service demanded across the organisation. As a result, network performance, cost and scalability are starting to define business success, whether it is reducing operational costs, maximising efficiency through mobility or improving customer satisfaction. Imagine a network disruption that stops credit card transactions for a retail customer; a mobile workforce suddenly disconnected from their systems; or a classroom of students unable to complete testing due to a wireless interruption. All of these scenarios underscore the need to monitor network health and react quickly to changes.

The addition of ADTRAN NetVanta Ethernet switches into the ProCloud portfolio provides IT departments with a complete view of both their wired and wireless LANs to ensure a high quality of experience. The platform provides a holistic, vendor agnostic visibility that provides real-time and historical information. The solution also simplifies ongoing administration through customised reporting and tiered access, and improves security through centralised configuration and firmware management. In addition to these management tools, organisations can also leverage ADTRAN’s technical expertise to further maximise IT resources for their network.

Another benefit is the flexibility of an elastic, pay-as-you-grow infrastructure model with the ADTRAN ProCloud portfolio. The service is the industry’s only solution that mitigates against a stranded investment. Organisations have the option of choosing the level of service that meets their needs today or migrating network management to an internal IT organisation in the future, all while maximising their NetVanta switch investment. This provides companies the freedom to optimise the service to their changing business needs without penalty or loss of service.

“Businesses today are facing increasingly complex demands on both their wired and wireless networks. The network management features we have incorporated into the ADTRAN ProCloud portfolio reflect our commitment to providing best-in-class user experiences for our customers,” said Todd Lattanzi, director of product management, ADTRAN Enterprise Networks Division. “The ADTRAN ProCloud solution is the only service on the market today that addresses the challenge of limited IT resources, while also providing more insight into network health and administration. We are helping companies transform the way they manage their networks with a solution that drives greater business value from networks of any size or complexity.”

The addition of cloud-managed switches within ADTRAN’s ProCloud service is now available and supports all ADTRAN NetVanta switches.

ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. ADTRAN’s products enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across a variety of network infrastructures. ADTRAN solutions are currently in use by service providers, private enterprises, government organisations, and millions of individual users worldwide.

The Kenton Group are a UK partner and distributor of ADTRAN products. For more information contact 01322 552000 or email info@thekentongroup.com

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