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Accedian Launches FSX Data Packet Capture Solution

Augments ultra-precise latency, micro-burst and SLA monitoring for financial, enterprise and mobile networks

Montreal, Canada – 3-Nov-2015 – Accedian Networks, the end-to-end network performance experts, today announced that it has broadened its financial services technology portfolio with the introduction of its FSX data packet capture solution. Accedian’s FSX complements its unique ability to monitor latency, microbursts, and international financial extranet performance. It brings industry-first lossless remote packet capture to financial service providers’ to help them achieve trade flow reporting compliance.

Accedian’s FSX uses its industry leading FPGA-based technology to precisely identify, capture and timestamp each trading packet in real time, from any location within a financial network. This provides the unprecedented capability to easily instrument financial networks to meet MiFID II regulatory compliance. With both 1G and 10G network connections, the FSX and can be deployed out-of-line to seamlessly integrate into networks at any point in the traffic flow, without impacting performance. This provides significant agility and flexibility to operators needing to accommodate multi-vendor legacy networks and systems.

First introduced to the financial services market, Accedian’s remote capture technology also has broad applicability for the largest and most innovative communication service providers who already use Accedian solutions for mobile backhaul, data centre and hybrid cloud access performance assurance. Lossless remote packet capture applications include:

  • QoE and QoS analysis (including VoLTE & video services)
  • Security & Policy enforcement
  • Payload inspection & lawful intercept
  • Synchronisation monitoring

“Accedian continues to expand the agility and depth of its solutions’ quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) visibility with the FSX’ unique remote capture capabilities,” said Keith Donahue, Accedian’s VP Product Management and Services. “As financial and communication service providers increasingly rely on a ubiquitous instrumentation layer to monitor, control and optimise user experience, the combination of ultra-precise, fine-grained monitoring with packet capture provides a complete, real-time view into all aspects of network behaviour.”

About Accedian
Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network performance visibility, for control over the best possible user experience. Providing the most complete, current view of network health, Accedian dramatically improves visibility with actionable insights for peak reliability and quality of service (QoS). Accedian enables control over increasingly complex networks to increase agility, and reduce cost. Most importantly, through a fully optimised and performance assured network, Accedian proactively ensures maximum uptime and for peak quality of experience (QoE).


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