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The New M-Series Industrial Routers by TELTONIKA

The continuous evolution of Teltonika’s networking devices and their capabilities reflects our ambition to disrupt the market and establish ourselves as a leading supplier of industrial devices applicable to any IIoT sector.

Teltonika Delivers Reliable Industrial Routers

Teltonika is committed to providing high-quality networking solutions at an affordable price. They’re excited to announce the launch of their new RUTM series of industrial routers, available in four models: RUTM08, RUTM09, RUTM10, and RUTM11.

The RUTM series offers two feature-rich Ethernet routers (RUTM08 and RUTM10) and two versatile cellular routers (RUTM09 and RUTM11). This variety ensures you’ll find the perfect router to meet your specific needs.

The RUTM series offers feature-rich...


The wired routers of the RUTM series, the RUTM08 and RUTM10, are specifically designed to maximise stability and reliability in networking solutions. The robust nature of Ethernet connections ensures they’re resilient to environmental factors that might affect connectivity.

A wired Internet connection also provides low latency and high throughput, which are essential for IoT networks handling significant data traffic and transmission between WAN and LAN networks.

Enhanced Security
RUTM08 and RUTM10 prioritise secure wired internet connections. They support a wide range of VPN protocols, including ZeroTier, Tinc, PPTP, DMVPN, Tailscale, and IPsec, making them ideal for remote management, secure data collection, and communication across separate networks.
Speed and Control
Equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, these routers deliver ultra-fast connections up to 1000 Mbps. Additionally, support for up to 128 VLANs per device allows for granular network segmentation, improved traffic isolation, and greater overall flexibility.
Industrial Automation Ready
Both routers seamlessly integrate with various M2M communication protocols like OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, DNP3, and DLMS. This enables them to effectively communicate and exchange data within industrial automation applications.
Effortless Management
Gain easy remote access to your RUTM08 or RUTM10 through Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS) platform. This user-friendly IoT platform provides a central hub for managing these routers and other compatible devices within your IoT solution.

The RUTM-series 4G LTE routers, the RUTM09 and RUTM11 are an excellent choice for maintaining seamless IoT connectivity in mobile applications or use cases that require flexibility. The latter is extremely relevant when extensive distances or areas with limited access to wired infrastructure influence the decision-making processes.

Moreover, the preference for industrial routers with 4G LTE can be spotted in critical sectors like emergency services or financial transactions, where redundancy of network connectivity needs to be assured at all times. With auto-failover, different WAN interfaces can act as a primary, secondary, or tertiary source of network connectivity, ensuring continuous and smooth operations.

Fast and Flexible
Both routers feature LTE Cat 6 with dual SIM slots, enabling carrier aggregation for speeds up to 300 Mbps. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports provide wired connectivity, while support for up to 128 VLANs allows for advanced network segmentation.
Effortless Management
Like all RUTM routers, these models are RMS-compatible, allowing for convenient remote configuration and management through Teltonika’s user-friendly IoT platform.
Dual-Band Wi-Fi
The RUTM11 router offers both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands, enabling you to segregate devices based on their bandwidth needs. This reduces congestion and ensures smooth data transmission for critical applications.
GPS Tracking
The RUTM11 integrates GNSS technology for GPS positioning, further enhanced by NTRIP protocol support. This is ideal for mobile or remote deployments where real-time location tracking of your solution is essential.
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Teltonika RUTM Router

Robust Networking Devices

The RUTM series expands upon the RUTX series, offering a robust and reliable networking solution for various demanding industries. This includes:


Ensure seamless and secure network connectivity for your business operations.

Smart City

Connect and manage the infrastructure of your smart city efficiently.

Industrial Automation

Facilitate reliable data exchange and control within your industrial processes.

Energy & Utilities
Optimize and secure network communication for your energy and utility operations.

The RUTM08 inherits the strengths of the RUTX08, making it perfect for scenarios requiring exceptional wired connectivity. Here’s why:

  • Supports High-Bandwidth Applications: Move large data files and handle demanding applications with ease, thanks to the RUTM08’s Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Seamless Remote Access: Gain effortless remote access to third-party devices on your network, simplifying management and maintenance tasks.
Equip your network with the robust connectivity of the RUTM10 industrial Wi-Fi router. This powerful device empowers you to:
  • Deliver Uninterrupted Wi-Fi: Ensure continuous and reliable wireless internet access throughout your entire facility, thanks to RUTM10’s robust Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Expand Coverage with Mesh Technology (Optional): Extend your Wi-Fi signal effortlessly with optional mesh technology. This eliminates dead zones and guarantees a strong connection in every corner.

The RUTM09 is designed for versatility, excelling in scenarios where strong and dependable access is crucial for remote locations or large-scale deployments. This adaptability is reminiscent of the RUTX09 4G LTE router’s success in enabling connectivity for intelligent traffic systems.

Both the RUTM11 and RUTX11 routers excel in high-demand situations. The RUTM11 tackles mission-critical scenarios requiring instant transmission of massive data, while the RUTX11 demonstrated its prowess by flawlessly supporting IoT connectivity for an autonomous racing car.

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