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Connectivity Through Innovation

The Kenton Group are pleased to announce our step forward in working more closely with Teltonika to provide access to their product range. James Kenny from The Kenton Group is now Teltonika certified to provide knowledge about their product range, including the ability to configure and troubleshoot issues. 

EL2TNTT James Kenny 815
I can see that Teltonika have got so much potential they are great at finding connectivity through innovation which here at the Kenton Group we are big on so I can see a fantastic relationship forming between us. – James Kenny

Who are Teltonika?

Teltonika Networks is a company specialising in the development and manufacturing of professional networking equipment. Known for its focus on providing reliable and secure networking solutions, particularly in the field of industrial and mission-critical applications. Their products are designed to ensure connectivity in challenging environments and support various communication technologies, including cellular (3G, 4G, and 5G), Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Their solutions are used in sectors such as transportation, energy, retail, and many others where robust and secure network connectivity is essential.

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