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Approved device for use on WBC FTTC (G.fast)

We are delighted to announce that on 19 September the Comtrend GFR-9511U device, supplied by The Kenton Group,  passed Modem Conformance Testing (MCT) approval for connection to the Openreach network. This is the 2nd off the shelf, single device with integrated G.fast modem, to be approved for use with both of our VDSL & WBC FTTC (G.fast) products, including “wires only” G.fast.

G.fast is a new technology that can deliver headlines rates of over 100 Mbit/s by using higher frequencies over the access infrastructure than previously available. This can enable our CPs to deliver higher product rates to end users.

BTW&V will be providing G.fast in a growing number of locations throughout the UK. Two product speeds are available:

Up to 160 Mbit/s downstream – 30 Mbit/s upstream

Up to 330 Mbit/s downstream – 50 Mbit/s upstream


The  Comtrend GFR-9511U device supports all flavours of broadband access: ADSL, VDSL, G.fast and FTTP. It will be available from 8th October 2018.




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 “We are pleased to be amongst the leaders in the UK market with the availability of GFR-9511U for direct use on WBC FTTC (G.fast) lines” said John Larkin, The Kenton Groups Managing Director for the UK. “This approval by Openreach demonstrates our continued feature commitment in meeting our customers’ demands for improved access speed and Wi-Fi performance.”


The Kenton Group would like to thank both BT Wholesale and Openreach for their support in achieving this milestone of being one of the first to integrate and achieve G.fast approval.

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