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Kenton Data & Voice

Kenton Data and Voice (KDV) specialises in the supply of solutions that enable routed data, VoIP and application services.

Kenton Data & Voice has significant experience in volume provisioning fully configured equipment to the end users of service provider customers worldwide. KDV delivers solutions spanning SIP trunking, ISDN migration, Internet access, VPN termination, Network Management, SLA enforcement and various other value-added applications.

KDV’s Provisioning Portal has been created from the ground up to allow almost any technology to be volume deployed to end customers, with little or no intervention or field configuration required. In addition to product configuration, customer-specific accessories, guides and cables can be added to packaging during the provisioning process. Automatic linkages can optionally be created between the KDV Provisioning Portal and customer ordering systems to streamline the fulfilment process further.

KDV offers a full suite of support options from advanced replacement to full-fix SLAs in almost any location. Using The Kenton Group’s Network Operation Centre, live network monitoring can also be provided on a 24x7x365 basis.

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