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Actelis Networks accelerates the expansion of connected devices and systems by maximising the infrastructure already existing in the network. Their cyber and temperature hardened solutions can be deployed in just hours and save clients a tremendous amount of money on construction and engineering, enabling and extending Gigabit network connectivity even to very remote and hard to reach locations.

Maximizing Your Existing Network Infrastructure for Faster Broadband and IoT Deployments

Actelis’ solutions are utilised in over 40 countries and have been deployed for a wide variety of networking applications including intelligent transportation systems, smart rail systems, utilities monitoring, military base modernisation, residential and business broadband, and more.

Actelis Introduces 10Gbps High-Switching Capacity

Cyber Hardened Industrial Platform for Advanced IoT Networks

Introducing MetaLight 600DM (ML68xDx-M) Product Line

Actelis Networks MetaLIGHT600D-M series is a high-capacity Industrial platform offering 10G wire-speed switching over multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with cutting edge cyber hardened capabilities. The Platform also offers power feeding for IoT devices up to 90 Watts.

The ML600D-M series can aggregate numerous IOT sensor and camera devices in various topologies including a linear chain, RSTP/STP mesh or fast healing Ethernet ring configurations.

An ultra-compact form factor, fanless design, and DIN rail mounting make it ideal for deployment in almost any traffic, utility, surveillance, pipeline or industrial network. The ML600D-M series is environmentally hardened with redundant power inputs and a robust field-proven design that’s NEMA 4 extended temperature compliant ensuring high reliability and trouble-free operation.

ML600D-M series products provide MACsec 256-bit wide protection per device as it is supported on multiple ports, both fiber, copper, or electrical Ethernet, and all at wire-speed. This means the system can encrypt all traffic going through a specific port. MACsec, unlike IPsec, is a hardware-based layer-2 technology which can be used at maximum wire-speed without limitation.

Actelis ML600D-M series hybrid platforms allow rapid migration to higher speed connectivity over existing copper networks to support new applications and services with Fiber-Grade reliability. Advanced traffic management capabilities along with Actelis’ core patented technologies, EFMplus, Symmetrical Vectoring and Dynamic Spectral Shaping, allow operators to effectively prioritize transmission of various traffic streams sharing the same transmission pipe, while optimizing the bandwidth, extending coverage, reliability, and service availability.

Optimize network management using CLI or GUI web interface, or via Actelis’ advanced MetaASSIST EMS (Element Management System), providing FCAPS functionality including alarm management, inventory management, configuration management with automation through scheduled tasks, advanced security functionality, and a Northbound interface allowing integration with higher NMS or OSS systems.

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