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Modernize. Digitise. Protect.

Actelis Networks accelerates the expansion of connected devices and systems by maximising the infrastructure already existing in the network. Their cyber and temperature hardened solutions can be deployed in just hours and save clients a tremendous amount of money on construction and engineering, enabling and extending Gigabit network connectivity even to very remote and hard to reach locations.

Maximizing Your Existing Network Infrastructure for Faster Broadband and IoT Deployments

Actelis’ solutions are utilised in over 40 countries and have been deployed for a wide variety of networking applications including intelligent transportation systems, smart rail systems, utilities monitoring, military base modernisation, residential and business broadband, and more.

Partnership goes from strength to strength with 10 years of award-winning broadband solutions

Actelis, the leading global provider of carrier Ethernet over copper network equipment, has named network access specialist, The Kenton Group, as its largest UK reseller partner contributor for 2011. This confirms that Silicon Valley-based Actelis®, The Broadband Acceleration Company™, was Kenton’s largest supplier of Ethernet telecommunications solutions for the UK market in 2011. Working collaboratively over the past ten years, Actelis has provided The Kenton Group with its award-winning broadband solutions portfolio, including Ethernet access devices, aggregation switches and EFM repeaters.

The Kenton Group, as Actelis’ leading UK partner  supports a wide range of broadband services and applications, including mobile, WiFi and DSLAM backhaul, as well as transparent LAN services, LAN interconnection and voice and video over IP. Since the partnership began in 2001 with The Kenton Group, Actelis digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs) have been deployed in over 1,000 BT exchanges, serving over 7,500 end customers across the UK.

Commenting on the partnership and milestone, Les Burns, Vice President of EMEA sales at Actelis, says: “Kenton was an early adopter of Actelis’ Ethernet over copper solutions. Since partnering with them, our relationship and product offering has evolved to meet diverse customer demands and market requirements. Kenton’s commitment to delivering innovative products, supported by first-class customer service and expertise, has driven results within the UK and, consequently, places them as our largest partner. With our broadband solutions and Kenton’s ability to deliver reliable services, we believe that no other partnership in the UK market delivers greater broadband rate, reach and guaranteed reliability than ours.”

Built into every Actelis system, EFMplusâ„¢ technology accelerates every carrier’s ability to meet customer demand and drive wide-scale broadband adoption. Actelis’ EFMplus technology is a powerful combination of several patented techniques, which enhance standard Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and turn ordinary copper pairs into fibre-quality, high-speed Ethernet links. EFMplus overcomes the problems of the traditional copper plant, such as the variable quality and reliability of individual copper pairs, as well as the effect of external interference from cross-talk, noise and other electrical and physical interruptions to the signal. Leveraging this award-winning technology, The Kenton Group and Actelis immediately enable delivery of cost-effective broadband services for business-class, managed and cloud-based services using existing copper infrastructures.

The range provided to The Kenton Group consists of Ethernet access devices, Ethernet aggregation switches and the industry’s first and only widely deployed spectrally-compliant EFM repeaters, delivering up to 20 times more bandwidth than legacy copper solutions with installations reaching as far as 30km. These solutions continually deliver cost-effective, high-quality broadband services to help Kenton’s customers take advantage of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) and private copper-based networking.

“Deploying powerful Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking capabilities over copper networks already in place reduces capital and operations costs, achieves improved performance, increases bandwidth and ensures enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLAs), all of which are critical requirements for carrier networks,” commented Burns.

John Larkin, Managing Director of The Kenton Group, adds: “In 2001, we saw an opportunity to strengthen our portfolio and wanted to work with a company that was leading the way in Ethernet technologies. We believe that Actelis’ broadband Ethernet solutions are unmatched in the marketplace, as evidenced by our personal experience, as well as their year-over-year market share leadership and product award recognition from Frost and Sullivan, Heavy Reading, Infonetics Research, and TMC. We look forward to another ten years and replicating last year’s success.”

Earlier this year, The Kenton Group announced that it had a strong financial year in 2011, with its figures showing a growth rate in excess of 40 per cent, for the past year alone. Focussing on developing its partnerships, consultancy and customer service, The Kenton Group anticipates continued growth in the future.

For further information contact The Kenton Group on 44 (0)1322 552 000 or visit the website at https://www.thekentongroup.com/. Alternatively, you can keep up with industry updates by following @thekentongroup on Twitter.

About Actelis

Actelis®, The Broadband Acceleration Company™, is the global market leader and innovator in developing and manufacturing universal broadband solutions for telecom service providers, enterprises and municipalities. Deployed by more than 350 customers, Actelis is accelerating broadband services to business and residential subscribers through award-winning products and technologies, including the Broadband Accelerator (BBA), EFMplus™, Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) and Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS). These unique, patented technologies enable service providers to deliver broadband services with the greatest rate, reach and reliability over existing infrastructures. Actelis® and Actelis Networks® are registered trademarks. The Broadband Acceleration Company™, EFMplus™ and MetaASSIST™ are trademarks of Actelis. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. Learn more at www.actelis.com. Follow Actelis on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Actelis.


About The Kenton Group

Kenton Design & Technology was established more than 30 years ago to offer research design and development of telecommunications products supporting various industry standards. Kenton Design & Technology is now part of The Kenton Group which delivers network access, demarcation and connection products and solutions for carriers, operators, service providers, enterprise and government throughout the UK and EMEA. Offering bespoke development for organisations’ unique requirements, either via its specialist in-house development team, building products to required specification or utilising best in breed technology from its partners. The Kenton Group strives to deliver access network growth through innovation and partnerships.

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