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RAD: SecFlow-1v-LoRa

Secure IIoT Gateway with PLC and Edge Computing!

With built-in security and high-availability for applications controlling mission-critical operations, it presents an all-in-one solution for automation applications in the oil, gas, water and power utilities, industry 4.0 and building automation sectors.

Ruggedized, multiservice and compact

SecFlow-1v-LoRa is a secure industrial IoT gateway with Edge computing that leverages license-free LoRa LPWAN technology for water and power utilities, smart cities, transportation and many other verticals. It collects data from LoRa sensors and meters and securely delivers it to cloud servers via fibre, Ethernet, 3G/ LTE cellular or unlicensed microwave radio. 

LoRaWAN eliminates wiring, is easy to deploy and does not need licenses. It reduces the energy consumption of connected objects while giving them more than ten years of autonomy by exchanging small data at a low speed.

Available with an optional LoRaWAN server.


Key Take Aways


and easy to deploy using RADview and zero-touch provisioning


support reduces the number of network elements and simplifies operations


routing, switching and security functionality


to meet industrial grade requirements

Industrial IoT Backhaul Demo

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