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Smartoptics -SO-QSFP-40G-D9490

QSFP+ 40G Ethernet DWDM 100GHz 8km 10dB LC D9490



The SO-QSFP-40G-Dxxxx is a QSFP+ form-factor DWDM transceiver for 40Gbps Ethernet applications. It is intended for use in interconnect applications between data centers between switches| routers| storage equipment etc. The transceiver is intended for active links using optical amplifiers and dispersion compensation units.

The transceiver is provided in 40 channel versions at the 100GHz DWDM grid as specified in the ITU-T 694.1 standard. The transceiver has an integrated FEC functionality and requires that the signal from the host equipment is without FEC coding.

Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface as specified by the QSFP+ MSA specification SFF 8636.

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