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MOD6688 V23 LL Modem


  • 2 wire or 4 wire line
  • Line equalisation
  • Link selectable TX level
  • 600 Ohm or multi-drop line interface
  • Switched or constant carrier
  • Fast DCD response
  • TB15 and TB17 compliant
  • Factory configuration available
  • Link selectable RX sensitivity
  • Low RTS/CTS delay
  • Low power sleep state
  • Single 12V DC supply
  • V24 interface EIA RS232 Compliant
  • The MOD6688 V23 LL Modem is a robust industrial grade V23 lease-line modem in either 3U eurocard format, or stand alone.
  • Data rate is 1200bps full duplex on 4 wires, or half duplex on 2 wires.
  • Line interface selectable for 600Ohm, or high impedance for multi-drop applications.
  • Eight LEDs provide status and activity indication.

National Rail approved product: PA05/01644

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