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The ML688 EAD allows multiple nodes to be connected to each other over copper, in a linear chain or ring configuration. Each node has full switching capabilities and can drop and add Ethernet traffic at each location, while transferring the rest of the traffic through.

The ML688 EAD can also be deployed as a mini-CO supporting EADs. With its superior performance, extensive functionality and low cost, the ML688 EAD platform offers rapid service delivery and allows for complete utilization of the existing network infrastructure.

The ML688 EAD platform is interoperable with any standard Ethernet switch, router, or hub. Compliant with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifications, ML688 EAD system seamlessly integrates into Carrier Ethernet Networks. Equipped with 4 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces and an optional 100Base-FX Small Form Factor (SFP) port, the ML688 EAD platform allows assignment of a service or a customer per port.

The ML688 EAD models let service providers create an intelligent Ethernet access edge with bandwidth limiting per ingress port and traffic shaping on the Ethernet Access uplink (HSL). The ML680 is fully compliant with the MEF 9 and 14 specifications.

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