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The ML640 EAD can be deployed back-to-back in a Point-to-Point topology or in Multi-Point topologies with Actelis’ Ethernet aggregation switches. With its superior performance, extensive functionality and low cost, the ML640 EAD offers rapid service delivery and allows for complete utilization of the existing network infrastructure.

The ML640 EAD is interoperable with any standard Ethernet switch, router or hub. Compliant with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifications, ML640 EADs seamlessly integrate into carrier Ethernet networks.

Equipped with four 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces and an optional 100Base-FX Small Form Factor (SFP) port, the ML640 EAD allows assignment of a service or a customer per port. A DS3/E3 uplink can be used to connect to legacy networks instead of the 100Base-FX SFP.

The ML640 EAD models let service providers create an intelligent Ethernet access edge with advanced bandwidth control and traffic management features, fully compliant with the MEF 9 and 14 specifications.

The ML640 enables flexible service provisioning using Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) with flexible mapping and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities that maximize the efficiency of access bandwidth.

The ML640 enforces Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each subscriber and Class of Service based on the MEF 10 traffic management model, allowing service providers to safely aggregate multiple services or multiple subscribers on the same Ethernet access uplink.

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