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RAD Demonstrates World’s First IEEE 1588 Grandmaster on an SFP

MiCLK is the Best Synchronisation Solution for LTE/LTE-A Networks

RAD has announced that it will be expanding the timing synchronisation capabilities of its Service Assured Access (SAA) solution when it introduces the world’s first SFP-based IEEE 1588 Grandmaster with a built-in GNSS receiver at Mobile World Congress 2015.

“LTE and LTE-A’s stringent synchronisation requirements and the growing use of small cells in 4G networks create synchronisation challenges in the backhaul segment, but existing solutions are either too expensive or do not provide full network coverage,” explains Ulik Broida, RAD’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “With the revolutionary MiCLK, RAD makes it easy to upgrade existing backhaul networks to support LTE-A at an affordable price.”

Many network operators prefer to use IEEE 1588-2008 (also known as Precision Time Protocol, or PTP) and Synchronous Ethernet to deliver accurate frequency and time throughout 4G backhaul networks. They are reluctant to install GNSS at every cell site due to practical and cost reasons, as well as the growing concern about possible GNSS jamming and spoofing. However, accurate time distribution requires every network element between the time reference – the Grandmaster – and the cell site to support IEEE 1588. This could be an expensive and complex endeavour when the Grandmaster is located in a central PoP. “MiCLK allows network operators to avoid costly upgrades by bringing the Grandmaster to the base station,” says Broida.

Plugs into Any Networking Device
RAD’s innovative, patent-pending MiCLK is a miniature pluggable device that responds perfectly to the needs of next generation cellular backhaul networks. Its SFP design allows simple installation that effortlessly upgrades any network device with a fully featured IEEE 1588 Grandmaster, including a GNSS receiver and various redundancy options to sustain its operation in case of GNSS failure.

“Easily installed with minimal technical intervention, MiCLK is a versatile add-on anywhere in the network,” Broida concludes. “It is a valuable addition to mobile equipment vendor portfolios, and an ideal solution for 4G service providers in search of a quick, cost-effective way to bring accurate synchronisation to small cell backhaul.“

In addition to MiCLK, RAD will also be demonstrating at Mobile World Congress 2015 its SAA performance monitoring and vCPE implantation options.

From March 17-20, MiCLK will be demonstrated at the Multi-Vendor Interoperability showcase organised by the European Advanced Networking Test Centre, EANTC. The showcase at the co-located MPLS SDN World Congress and NFV & SDN Summit in Paris.

About RAD
RAD is a global Telecom Access solutions and products vendor. With Service Assured Access solutions for mobile, business and wholesale service providers are designed to improve the way they compete: service agility to minimise time to revenue, complete visibility of network performance for greater operational efficiency and better QoE to reduce churn. We are at the forefront of pioneering technologies, such as: Distributed NFV, MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0, Layer 2 and Layer 3 performance monitoring, hardware miniaturisation, and timing synchronisation over packets. Founded in 1981, RAD has an installed base of more than 13 million units, and works closely with Tier 1 operators and service providers around the globe.

The Kenton Group are a UK partner and distributor of RAD products. For more information contact 01322 552000 or email info@thekentongroup.com

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