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OneAccess Enables Operators to Expand Market for High Speed Managed Services

Ground breaking ONE2540 CPE router platform delivers 1Gbps connectivity at unmatched price/performance ratio; enables operators to democratise high speed connectivity services

November 04, 2015 – OneAccess Networks, a global provider of service-enabling network access solutions, has today launched the ONE2540, an ultra-high performance CPE platform that enables operators and communication services providers (CSPs) to profitably deliver high speed managed services to a far broader range of SMB and enterprise customers than previously possible.

As more enterprises invest in bandwidth-hungry public, private and hybrid cloud models, operators and CSPs are being challenged to provide higher speed and more flexible WAN connections to accommodate the sporadic bursts of high priority, latency sensitive traffic generated by interactive web applications.

The OneAccess ONE2540 CPE platform is purpose-designed to help operators transform this problem into revenue. By deploying the platform with each customer, operators can deliver scalable service speeds, up to 1Gbps. This means they can upgrade bandwidth provision in line with customer demand, and introduce a tiered ‘pay for what you need’ pricing model that enables them to market enterprise-class services to businesses at ultra-competitive price points. By doing so, operators can broaden their addressable market for high speed services and establish much needed market differentiation from over-the-top players as a result.

“OneAccess can deliver these gains for operators because we design routers for the specific purpose of delivering cost-effective managed services,” comments Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks. “The equivalent CPE from larger vendors are generic, big and cumbersome ‘catch-all’ devices laden with features that operators must pay for but will never use. In contrast, the One2540 is stripped down and lean. It is a compact, ultra-fast service delivery platform now available at unmatched price/performance ratios. It provides the CSPs with a genuine weapon for market differentiation.”

The ONE2540 will most commonly be deployed by operators in Cloud and central locations with high data exchange requirements over the WAN. With CSPs’ service deployment models in mind, the ONE2540 has been designed for volume purchase and easy mass deployment, enabling operators to remotely provision different speeds for different customers, along with a range of supplementary network management services, such as WAN optimisation, data encryption, or application performance monitoring. All such services can be delivered in the conventional manner or alternatively as virtualised network functions (VNFs), in accordance with each operator’s progress toward a fully virtualised SDN/NFV infrastructure.

“By delivering services at blistering speeds and demonstrating never-before-seen levels of service agility, the ONE2540 can help operators win new contracts and boost existing customer loyalty,” adds Mirchandani.

In March 2014, OneAccess announced its entry into the high performance ‘mid-range’ router market to offer a direct challenge to Cisco, the sector’s dominant and uncontested leader. Today’s announcement reconfirms its commitment to supporting operators and CSPs in this marketplace, whose specific requirements continue to be underserved elsewhere.

About OneAccess Networks

OneAccess Networks designs, develops and markets innovative platforms for the profitable delivery of CPE-based managed network services for communications and managed service providers.

Its industry-leading multi-service access routers and Carrier Ethernet devices are designed to deliver service continuity, high quality of experience and high speed performance for SMBs and Enterprise customers.

OneAccess hardware and software solutions for data and voice enable service providers to optimise the delivery of managed Cloud services and migration to SDN/NFV architectures.

OneAccess CPE platforms are used by more than 110 communication service providers globally, including many of the largest telecommunications companies.

The Kenton Group are a partner of OneAccess Networks. For more information contact us on +44(0)1322 552000 or email us.

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