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Cloud benefits to the finance Industry

It’s not just a Hollywood plot the threat of cyber-attacks is real and growing. In the last quarter of 2012 alone, attacks were up by 200% on the previous year with high-profile hacks of international news sites, and the largest attack of all time was recorded in March, slowing down Internet speeds for millions of users all around the world.

A huge proportion of these attacks come as Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) hits, where thousands of computers around the world are used without their owners’ knowledge to simultaneously flood a website with requests for access. Without protection, the target website cannot cope with the extra demand, cannot tell the true hits from the fake ones and buckles under the pressure. As such, in the days before Internet security had been sufficiently evolved to cope with these threats, hackers attempted to extort huge sums from companies by blackmailing them with exactly this kind of DDoS attack.

Bringing down a website has the potential to be disastrous for any company, but it is especially devastating for three particular industries: banks and cloud security services to multiple customers and at financial services providers; online retailers; and eGaming providers.

For that reason, investment in robust and reliable protection that has been developed by specialists in their field is an absolute must for organisations in those industries. For companies in the Channel Islands, a team of world-renowned Internet security specialists called SecurityDAM have been testing their innovative new cloud based systems at the revolutionary, test facility, JT Lab. JT have already benefitted by deploying this system within its core networks In order to protect against attacks.

They have promoted the JT Lab concept around the world, including the USA and Israel, since 2011, and the relationship with SecurityDAM has evolved from offering a test-bed using Jersey’s cutting-edge NGN and fibre-optic networks, right through to a strategic partnership.

The relationship and arrangement allows the companies to share resources and expertise in networks, communication and security, providing JT customers with a top-of-the-range service 24 hours a day, seven days a week while benefiting SecurityDAM by opening up a gateway to Europe, due to Jersey’s geographical location.

Head of Innovation and Strategy for JT Lab, Mark Stuchfield, said: ‘SecurityDAM allows us to provide cloud security services to multiple customers and at the same time give them a visual incitation of what is going on. SecurityDAM is also involved with some future leading-edge security solutions and so we are going to be working with them on this too.”

For more Information visit www.jt-lab.com or www.jtglobal.com

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